10 Best Practices for Enterprise Videos

10 Best Practices for Enterprise Videos

Enterprise videos solutions are fast becoming the favoured tool for marketing the brands and services of companies even as top management is looking to invest time and money into these. We all realize the importance of video and the role it plays in organizations. Great videos make great impact and set the tone for a great experience.

Ever wondered what makes a great video? Let’s observe some best practices undertaken to ensure videos deliver the goods:

Define the audience: Even before you begin getting things ready to make the video you will need to define the audience. Defining the audience is like defining your core objective as it helps to set you in the right direction. Sometimes the audience could be customers who just need a ‘’product recall’’ experience, sometimes the audience could be newcomers who need to know all about your product. Knowing your audience sets you on the right path and helps achieve the objective through the video.

Relevant Content: Once you have defined the audience you can look at generating the relevant content. The content needs to be based on the nature of audience and the kind of image you want to project to the audience. The content or script writers should be well aware of the core objective of the video to help put the essence into their writing. It is imperative for the project in-charge to provide guidelines on tone, style, and the kind of words to be used or avoided.

Interactive Content:  It is not enough if the content is good and relevant; it needs to be very interactive. Interactive content elicits responses and creates interest. A good example of interactive content is when two or more participants relay the content while simultaneously interacting with each other. Another exhibit ofinteractive content is where there is a ‘Question – Answer’ dialog instead of a continuous monolog. Such interactive content holds the interest levels of the viewers.

Quality Shoot: The quality of the video is definitely the most important thing. Employing the right technicians, technology, and equipment for bringing out a high-quality visual is of utmost importance. A poor quality video, no matter how good the content is,kills the interest of the audience. You should employ experienced professionals with an ability to understand and materialize your objective, to bring out a quality shoot.

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Voiceover and Audio Quality: Include a voiceover that creates an interactive atmosphere, a clear voiceover also helps in grabbing the attention of viewer whether or not he is watching the video. Of course, it goes without saying that the quality of the audio has to be absolutely good. Poor audio quality will create a disappointing experience and will lead to loss of interest.

Distribution of Webcast:Once a quality video is made, it needs to be distributed without any glitches. According to a report, buffering is by far the most disturbing and frustrating aspect of a video and is a big deterrent to watching.  As per the same report, viewers typically move away to some other task after a third buffering delay.

Multiple Devices: Another aspect of distribution is that the video has to play well on any device— a desktop, a mobile, or a pad. Videos need to be made keeping in mind that not all people will have access to their desktops all the time. More and more people are turning to their smartphones for their needs, and to cater to the user-on-the-go videos need to be mobile compatible.

Short and Simple: Keep the videos as brief and as simple as possible. An advertisement video needs to be brief and interesting, a corporate communication video needs to be brief and direct to the point whereas a training module video can be a bit longer but nevertheless, simple and engaging enough to hold the attention of the viewer.

Data Analytics: Ensure there is data collected and generated after the video has been aired. It is very important to have feedback on the video to be able to understand how well it served its purpose. While the ‘’likes’’ and ‘’comments’’ provide a feedback externally it is also important to have data recorded on the number of views, location of viewers, most viewed segment or section of video, the time spent on video, etc. , to help study and enhance videos for the next campaign.

Test and Trial: Once you believe the video is ready for a webcast, it is good to do trial to ensure a safe execution. The trial will also help observe gaps and rectify technical glitches, if any. It will also help cut out any irrelevant parts and refine the video. It is also good to test the video with some live audience to get better understanding of possible reactions and obtain feedback to help make the video better.

Deploying Video solutions for business is essential but it is very important to churn out a good quality and interesting video to achieve the set goals.

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