3 Must-Have Technological Gadgets for Digital Artists in 2017

3 Must-Have Technological Gadgets for Digital Artists in 2017

Technology is one thing that has made drastic changes in all aspects of life, and mind you – it is not only limited to humans. It has changed how humans perceive their way of living and made it impossible for them to imagine survival without the use of technology. Much like any other profession, technology revived the field of art and so digital artists emerged taking art to the new level of digitalization.

The technological transition turned painters and sculpturesinto digital and 3D artists which now use digital gadgets and software instead of paints and cement to create masterpieces of art.

It is only natural for technology to find ways of experimenting and enhancing art forms and creations. It goes to technology that artists today have better tools and resources to participate in their artistic process conduction. Using digital art tools, artistcan knock out iterative pieces and quickly create material anytime and anywhere. Productivity is doubled accompanied with the absence of mess and fuss. Even those artists working in physical environment can use devices which efficiently digitize what they make in the analogue world and can give the best perspective of both approaches.

Here we are going to talk about 3 such technological gadgets that have immensely changed the art scene for digital artists and are a must-have for them.

The Apple Pencil

While tablet computers have been one of the best devices for a digital artist, they come with a major flaw, i.e. they have no pressure sensitivity. You cannot measure your stylus pressure with iPads and Android tablets. The solution suggested was to integrate pressure sensitivity into the stylus itself which gave rise to a device like Adonit Jot Touch. However, any given app needs to support a specific type of stylus to function or it will cause fragmentation between hardware and software.

The good news is that Apple has solved this problem by developing a stylus that’s natively supported by iOS. Now you can work on your iPad Pro with this slickest Apple pencil which is intuitive and comfortable.

Cintiq Pro

The consumer art being is transformed into a serious art tool with the Apple Pencil. Yet there is no match for the feeling and experience of working on a dedicated graphic tablet. For professionals, Cintiq Pro makes it to one of the best graphic tablets with its latest models becoming the standard-bearer. Choosing a size as per your wish, a 13’’ or 16’’ screen, you can work on a PC or Mac. This is what differentiates a Cintiq with an iPad when we talk about drawing.

Cintiq Pro

Other than Cintiq, there are several drawing tabletsproviding impeccable results, some of them have been named the best 12 drawing tablets in 2017 on indreviews.com.

Livescribe 3

If you want to stick to the traditional ways of art yet digitize it, Livescribe 3 smart pen is the best thing to happen to you. With Livescribe 3 and the special paper that the company provides, you can immediately digitize your sketches. It is also a practical choice for tech-savvy people that rate their smartphone the best gadget to own, as this pen can send the information to a smartphone. It brings a lot of convenience along with the true feel of ink and the paper used is also cheap.

Final Words…

While the making of art has changed due to digital art revolution, not much has changed about the human spirit that accelerates the formation of art. Different artists prefer different medium, yet the digital force has opened significantly a greater number of potentialities than it closes. Surely with these gadgets and others, the future looks splendid for those searching to express themselves in the language of art.


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