5 Insane (But True) Things about Printer Price in India

5 Insane (But True) Things about Printer Price in India

With a significant decrease in price and growing penetration of the internet, printers have become a common household name. The use of multi-enabled features, such as printing, copying and scanning, using the same device, have further raised awareness for Multi-Function printers (MFPs). Thanks to the leading printer makers, like HP, consumers are now leveraging the most cost effective and reliable printing solutions. Even laser printers have reached their lowest price. Let us take a look at some other facts about printer prices in India.


5 Mind Blowing Facts about Printer Price in India

  1. HP is Ruling the Printer Industry: Indian market for A3/A4 printers reached over 1.4 million units in the first half of 2016, with HP having close to a 50% market share. Out of all the printers available in the market,laser printers, now available at an affordable price, claimed a solid 60% market share during the same period.
  1. Printers Below ₹2,000: HP DeskJet 1112 Printer Single Function Printer (White), HP DeskJet K209g All-in-One Color Printer and HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 2060 All-in-One – K110a Printer are some HP printers that are available for less than ₹2,000.
  1. 33 Printers Launched in a Day: With 16 printers focused on A3 copier market and 17 printers focused on A4 segment, HP has created a record by launching 33 printers in a day. The A3 copier segment is a 55 billion market, globally, out of which HP hold only 5%. With more than 40% market share, HP is already a leader in A4 printers and the launch of 16 printers focused on A3 copier market is their attempt of grabbing the immense growth opportunity they have in that segment.
  1. Lower Cost Per Page: While you pay ₹1/- for a black and white print and ₹5/- for a coloured print out in the market, with an HP printer at home, the printing cost comes down to mere37 for black and ₹0.73 coloured print with an HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 2520hc All-in-One, giving the output of up to 1,000 pages per month.
  1. Attractive Offers and Discounts on HP Printers: On buyinga printer from HPshopping.in, HP’s authorized online dealer, buyer can get upto 48% discount on the MRP. Under the HP original reward program, on purchase of cartridges valid for purchases throughoutthis HP Online Store, you get flat 1% cashback in form of HP money, which will be credited to your account 10 days from the date of your order delivery.

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