5 iPhone tracking apps that will tempt you track even a trustworthy husband

5 iPhone tracking apps that will tempt you track even a trustworthy husband

iPhone is much more than just a phone that offers various facilities to the user; it has become a status symbol today. People buy iPhone just to satisfy their inner craving to own one, resulting in a market that is ruled by iPhone.

1)    mSpy

mSpy is a good example for new generation iPhone tracking apps. The most important feature of this app is that it doesn’t jailbreak the iPhone. Even though jail breaking unleashed the full potential of the iPhone, people don’t do it because it empties the warranty.

Most of the iPhone tracking apps require jailbreaking unlike mSpy. Learn more about mSpy and jail breaking on http://www.iphonetrackingapps.com/mspy-for-iphone-review/.

mSpy provides features like GPS (Global Positioning System) tracking to obtain exact location of the target device, SMS and MMS tracking, access to emails and pictures sent and delivered by the device, and check call logs as well as listen to the calls. It also helps you to exert control over the target device by letting you erase or intercept the data remotely.

To download mSpy, visit http://www.iphonetrackingapps.com/mspy-for-iphone-review/.

2)    Mobile spy

Mobile spy requires only the iCloud credentials of the target device to track it. The best thing about Mobile spy is that it can spy on any version of iDevice without jailbreaking it. However, it works perfectly well even in a jailbroken device. Unlike non- jailbroken devices, jailbroken devices have to be physically accessible to install the app on it.


You can track text messages, pictures, call logs, browser history, and video chat data from apps like skype and imo.

3)    GPS Location Tracker

GPS Location Tracker by FollowMee is used for iOS devices like iPhone and iPad. Once you install it on the target devices, it secretly sends information about the location and other data of the user to a secured server. This app helps you know the location of your kids and your other family members or close friends.

4)    SpyBubble

SpyBubble can not only be used to track iDevices, but also for most of the smartphones available in the market. This app is updated regularly to bring you the most sophisticated features of a spy app.

The user has to download SpyBubble on the target device and can monitor the activities of their kids, spouse or employees remotely. You can view all the activities of the target devices through a control panel that is easily accessible from anywhere and on any device like your phone, computer, and tablet.

 You can not only trace the activities of your loved ones but also delete any data or lock any app or service without having the target device in your hand.

5)    Family locator

Now you can trace your family’s location and much more about their day to day activities using Family locator. This app needs to be installed on their iPhone and you can keep track of your close ones 24 hours a day on the map.


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