5 Ways to Get a Great Deal when Comparing Removal Companies

5 Ways to Get a Great Deal when Comparing Removal Companies

Relocating the entire contents of your home is stressful at the best of times, and if you have a large family and the new home is some distance away, it tends to complicate matters. There are ways that you can shave a little off the prices quoted, and if you are about to relocate, these helpful hints will more than likely be of great assistance.

  1. Use the Internet – There are websites where you can compare removal prices, and by entering your information, you will soon receive several competitive quotes from reputable removers. One such site is located at www.buzzmove.com, which is easy to navigate and will probably save you money, and by simply entering your information, you will soon know the cost of the move.
  1. Choose your Moving Dates Carefully – Like any other business, removals are all about supply and demand, so if you wanted a truck and a team over a long weekend during the summer, it would be quite expensive when compared to a regular working day. If you can avoid the weekends altogether, the price will always be a little lower.


  1. Ask for a Discount – As silly as it sounds, simply asking for a better deal can produce the desired result. It is a very competitive business, and the remover might take pity on you and decide to do the job for a little less. There is nothing to lose by asking if that is the very best price they can come up with, and who knows? You might get lucky.
  1. Source Several Reputable Companies – If you have the time, you could phone a few companies and have each of them send a representative to meet you at home, where they can gather the necessary information to give you a quote. If a remover knows there are other companies bidding for the contract, they will keep their price as low as possible, and by comparing the quotes, you will end up with a good deal. The easier way is to use a special website that can provide you with several competitive quotes, all from reputable companies.
  1. Lighten the Load – If you have at least one family car, a lot of the small stuff could be ferried to the new home by car, and this might mean they can use a smaller truck, which will save you a little. You have the option of self-packing, or leaving it to the experts, who are fully insured for any damage during transit. If you pack yourself and the removal team only have to load and unload, this will save a little also, and make sure you discuss all the details with the removal company before agreeing to anything.

With all of your valuable possessions involved, it makes sense to use a professional removal company, one that can take the strain and make the moving experience a pleasant one. There are online solutions where you can automatically receive several prices from reputable movers.

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