6 Reasons Why Local Businesses Should Still Buy PPC Ads

6 Reasons Why Local Businesses Should Still Buy PPC Ads

As search engine results are a potentially-free way to gain traffic and therefore sales, many small to medium businesses – also referred to as SMBs – rely heavily on them for their marketing. While there is certainly something to be said for SEO in today’s marketplace, there is also still plenty of value and merit in PPC or “paid per click” advertising.

What Does PPC Advertising Do for Businesses?

While companies that rank well on Google or other search engines’ first page of results traditionally do well, those who aren’t able to do this often suffer the consequences. This isn’t to say these businesses aren’t good enough to attract customers: oftentimes, they’re just swallowed up by the mountains of competition they face in larger metropolitan areas. PPC companies in Los Angeles and other large markets can help these SMBS stand out among competitors and secure sales by creating traffic from search engine results.

6 Reasons Why Local Businesses Should Still Buy PPC Ads

Still, not convinced that PPC marketing is right for your brand? Here are six reasons you might want to rethink your organic SEO-only approach:

  1. PPC can help you close the marketing gap if you don’t already have high search engine result rankings.
  2. While you wait on your other approaches – such as SEO – to pay off, PPC advertising can give you a steady revenue stream.
  3. In some schools of thought, paid search engine advertising can actually boost the natural search engine rankings sites enjoy.
  4. Comparatively speaking, paid per click advertising is less costly to secure and implement than traditional SEO tactics, and there are far fewer risks involved. This makes it a safer choice.
  5. PPC advertising can secure your spot on the first page of search engine results, so if you’re still building your SEO approach it can help you stand out from your competition earlier than you otherwise might.
  6. Advertising via PPC companies in Los Angelesand other large markets can help you to target who sees your result. By paying for geo-targeting, you can ensure that search users within a certain geographic region see your site. This can be city-wide, state-wide, or even a customized area of your choosing. This is a huge benefit to those in saturated markets like Los Angeles, New York and other major cities.

A Final Word

There is risk involved in adopting any marketing strategy. When you pay for assistance in getting your name and product into view and into the hands of your potential consumers, you run the risk of seeing less return on your investment than you hope for. However, an important part of marketing success is weighing those risks in comparison to your potential gains. With paid per click marketing, you’re not only reaching prospective patrons you may never have been able to reach before, but you’re creating a name and a recognizable presence for yourself. In a world where overwhelmed markets and lightning-fast news cycles make it difficult for smaller or new businesses to get their foot in the local door, PPC marketing isn’t just “still relevant” – it may be the smartest way forward to financial success.

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