8 Things You Should Look For In Your Magento Developer

8 Things You Should Look For In Your Magento Developer

Magento is a powerful ecommerce platform in terms of scalability, customization, extensions, modules, and other attractive features. If you have chosen this platform for your start-up, it is a good decision. Designing and setting up your Magento site requires advanced technical knowledge; and so, it would be wise to hire a professional Magento developer. Here are 8 important things that you should look for in your Magento developer.

Experience and projects completed: Go through the resume of your potential Magento site developer. Check for his technical and professional abilities; successful projects and track record; and level of work done. If it is a company, then evaluate its portfolio. Check the number of projects done, client testimonials, and sample projects.

Technical understanding of Magento: You need to generate a set of relevant questions to check the Magento knowledge of your candidate. But for this, you first need to equip yourself well with the subject knowledge. So, spend some time reading about what Magento is all about. This way you will know what goes into setting up a well performing Magento store.


Personal skills: Apart from technical and professional skills, personal skills also matter. So, check out your Magento developer’s communication skills, accountability, loyalty, resourcefulness, friendliness, precision and dependability. These have a significant bearing on your business relationship with him.

Educational background: Make a thorough checking of his educational qualification and history. Only a professional Magento developer can come up with a professional site. So, ensure that your choice has a few certifications other than his major diploma. It would be great if it is a Magento certificate.

Price and services: Before you hire Magento developer, check out the costs. Get to know the total cost of the project, charges for additional services, proposed payment mode, money back policy, etc. This will help you make informed decisions. Further, ensure that your Magento developer offers 24/7 technical support. This way you need not halt your e-store in the middle of the day, losing potential customers.

Quality caliber: The success of your Magento store development will depend on the quality of your content and products. So, ensure your Magento developer company’s competence by looking for a reliable certification like ISO 9001 OR CMMi.

SEO approach: The search engine optimization of your ecommerce site matters a lot. Your choice Magento developer must be capable of creating a responsive, well established, easily searched and recognized e-store. These will ensure that you gain a strong online presence which in-turn will convert into your site’s visibility, web traffic and conversion ratio.

Turn-around time: Once you have finalized the choice of your Magento developer, make sure that he will be able to deliver your site within your desired time frame. Only a professional team can work under strictly urgent timelines. So, if you want your e-store launched and running within a short duration, hire a Magento developing company instead of a freelancer.

With our above listed points, we hope that you will be able to find out the right Magento developer for your site. All the best!

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