A Curated List of the Best Keylogger Software

A Curated List of the Best Keylogger Software

We can’t deny that keylogger systems are one of the most flexible computer programs in this day and age. These are especially used in IT applications such as basic to advanced troubleshooting. In addition to this, keylogger software is also used to monitor computer networks in both offices and households.

Despite the threat of keylogger software being used in criminal and fraudulent activities, we’re not really seeing a decline in consumer patronage. Keylogger software is considered as the holy grail of computer troubleshooting as well as surveillance by a lot of IT specialists. So how do these systems work exactly? Keyloggers record a computer user’s real-time activity. This doesn’t just apply to the activity seen through his or her computer screen. Most keylogger software can even record keyboard activity. IT specialists use this information to figure out what the computer user recently did that resorted to a technical problem.

Now that we know what a keylogger software is and how it works, let us bring out the best keylogger software you can purchase or even download for free online. We know that you want only the best free keylogger to help you in computer monitoring or troubleshooting, so this is your chance to get one for yourself.


This keylogger software is one of the best keyloggers for computers, iPhones, and other mobile devices. It has a very easy-to-use control panel where you can conveniently view your activity logs. It also offers keyboard stroke tracking.With Mspy, you can easily track most, if not all information and activity done on your mobile phone. These include your SMS and email messages, instant messages from most apps including top social media and messaging mobile apps. In order to read up on the Mspy’s app, navigate to www.mspy.com/keylogger.html.

Keylogger Software

Revealer Keylogger Free

This keylogging software ranks second in the CNET Download.com’s most downloaded monitoring computer programs list. Some of its awesome features include keystroke recording, multiple language support, hotkey support, and automatic log clean-up. It also hides itself in the computer system’s list of programs and in the taskbar. While it is invisible on these platforms, it is very easy to uninstall should you need to remove it from your computer. You simply have to run the program, click on the “?” icon, click on Program and end and select the Uninstall option.


KidLogger is one of the best computer and mobile device programs that can monitor user activity. True to its name, it is best used to oversee your kid’s computer activity. We all know how dangerous the online world can be, and we don’t want our kids to test their own boundaries on the internet as this could compromise his safety as well as your entire family’s. This keylogger software offers microphone, monitor and keystroke surveillance, and is compatible with most operating systems.


In whatever application you use keylogger software for, it is important that you know your limits as an overseer. We all know that keylogger software is often taken advantage of and used for illegal activities, and you don’t want to be a part of this infamy.

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