A Genuine Review Of The Xiaomi Mi6

A Genuine Review Of The Xiaomi Mi6

In the world of smartphones, the public’s gaze is generally pointed at the LGs, the Apples and the Samsungs. These are brands that manufacture the most eye-catching and the flashiest devices. However, they are not the only players throughout the industry for smartphones. There are other smartphone brands that have also been successful in making their presence felt throughout the market. One such brand is the Xiaomi. It is a very huge smartphone manufacturer that has always been offering smartphones with good specifications and at competitive rates. Here, we will be having a look at Xiaomi MI 6 that appears seemingly pedestrian.

A Quick Take

There are several things that have been done right with the MI6. It features powerful hardware in the Snapdragon 835 form, gorgeous glass and metals design and dual rear cameras that come with 2x optical zoom- all at a price that is almost half of the price of the other branded smartphones available throughout the market.


The MI6 features high-end internal parts and Snapdragon 835 SoC hardware. It comes with 6GB RAM and the storage capacity of the phone is 128GB. However, one thing that can be a little frustrating for the buyers is that it does not have microSD support. Taking the highly technological specifications into account, it does not come as a surprise that this smartphones runs very well and is obviously one of the smartest devices available in the market. For the ones who are fond of playing games on their mobile devices, the MI6 features Adreno 540 GPU which handles all Android games in the easiest way possible. Wi-Fi and call quality of the phone is quite good and the microphones are found doing a good job when it comes to noise-cancellation.

Xiaomi Mi6


Xiaomi is probably one of the few smartphone brands that have still not made the change from 1080p quad-HD on almost any of its smartphones. The MI6 from the brand features a 5.15 inch LCD screen which is more attractive in comparison to the other phones because of its more even brightness and richer colours. The peak brightness that the phone can reach is 600 nits and it also works very well in the dark. The users of this phone can watch everything that in onscreen even in the dark without being blinded. Users also benefit from the lower-res screen that needs less power and also come with the added advantage of better battery life. These are some of the best areas where the MI6 seems to really impress its users.


Coming to the design of the MI6, the smartphone has managed to make a great deal with its fashionable reflective glass covering the back. The front of this smartphone is also good as far as the design is concerned. There is a metallic frame that surrounds the edge of the phone playing host to a top quality IR blaster that has been carefully mounted on the top. There are stereo speakers located at the bottom of the phone.

The Xiaomi MI 6 cannot be called the perfect smartphone but the exclusive features that it brings together, make it a good buy for the customers.

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