All successful apps share these 4 common factors

All successful apps share these 4 common factors

With the expected worldwide app revenues to grow to $76.52 billion this year, the market spaceis seeinghundreds of new entrantevery day, waiting to tap into this high profit margin segment. Butif the app history has shown us something, it is the fact that people only let those apps be on their devices, which they believe add some value to them.

Now at the back of a correct advertisement and promotional campaign, a company can make people install an app and even use it for some time, making it a success in the short term. But what takes an app to become ‘the one’ app? Let us find out…

  1. They are so easy to work on

What do you think makes Google one of the most liked browsers of the world? It’s the ease that it offers, making even a 5 year old an expertin www search. Companies like Uber and YouTube makes it easy for people to get a hang of them. While users might not know all the hacks, but they do learn how to book a cab or find the smiling cat video in minimal time.

So the next time you hire a mobile application development company, ensure that they make it very difficult for someone to find a feature that they might get stuck on.

So the first factor that makes a successful app is the ease that it provides.


  1. The surprise factor

What is it that made Pokémon Go such a huge hit all over the world? It’s the fact that they never failed to surprise their users.People walking around with their devices couldn’t judge on what street or turn would they find a Pokémon.

While this point works perfectly on gaming apps, there is no reason why you can’t keep offering something of value to your users, irrespective of what segment you belong to. Weren’t you surprised when Whatsapp came up with its own in app gif library?

So now, the second factor that pleases the users into using one app for the longest time, is that they continue to surprise them.

  1. Users first, app second

While it is very tempting to follow Steve Jobs’sbelief that users don’t know what they want, we have to tell them, most of us app developers are no Steve Jobs and we are not offering something that no one does. So before we go around throwing our apps at them, let us take back a step and see what they would really want.

Now this stage should ideally come before launching the app, but you can always give them what they want through the app updates. But first, let’s see how you can gather this information in the first place.

  • Reading your competitor’s reviews

The easiest way of knowing what your users want is through reading what your competitors are not able to give them.

  • Ask them directly

In your emailers or sneak peek videos or your tweets, ask them what they think of your app, make them give stars and reviews in the mail or tweet itself. Once you are through with knowing what they want, try and incorporate them in your app.

So the third factor that makes an app popular is that it keeps what the audience wants over what it is giving to them.

  1. Have a bond

What makes us open Facebook and Instagram every 10 minutes? It’s the bond that we share with a platform that keeps us live with what are loved or hated ones are up to. Every app that connects with our emotions – fun, belonging, or simply being, is bound to become successful. Take Snapchat for example, we all love taking picture but all not picture perfect 24×7, so for us to show ourselves in a fun way, Snapchat comes to our rescue with all its faces and voice features.

So now the fourth and last thing that would make your app addictive is the bond that you are able to create with the user.

Now that you know the four factors that all successful apps share, it’s time to apply them and make a wonderful app!

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