Avail the Magento Development Extension for a successful Ecommerce site

Avail the Magento Development Extension for a successful Ecommerce site

Magento gives high-quality services for managing the content for all those traders who are willing to sell their products and services throughout the globe and want to make money from the ecommerce website. It is profoundly respected and acknowledged today as a huge number of the stores online are really fueled by it. Magento platform business is advantageous, shielded and simple for the online e-business that case of the goods and services. The customization strategies for e-commerce Magento are totally customized.

Specific features of Magento Product Options extension

  • Price management for custom options
  • Weight and Cost for Magento custom options
  • stock keeping unit policy management
  • Dependent/ independent custom options
  • Custom options inventory
  • Custom option images/ Color Swatch
  • Custom options for different customer groups


Thus, the customized product options are an exceptional way for targeting and achieving bigger revenue and attract better web traffic to your e-commerce site. With the Advanced Magento Product Options extension, you can arrange custom choices for any item, oversee items with complex design and make incredible arrangements for your clients. The extension allows you to save your valuable time during the configuration of advanced product options. You do not have to edit (add or delete) the options regarding products one by one because of the fully automatic process. With the help of extension, one can be able to configure customizable custom options templates.

Magento 2 product types is actually the items you want to sell Magento 2 store with its particular types and specifications. It all depends on the product you want to sell and can be able to create various product types

Procedure for adding products:

First, you have to go in Magento then admin followed by catalog and finally the Add product. In last option, you can add the features and specification of products.

Magento product types:

The Magento products are usually of 6 types,

  1. Simple – item with a single SKU without any variations or choice for selection, no sizes, no colors or not any other options lime, a wrist watch, a table or any other thing
  2. Groped – This is basically the item which comes in set like dining table set, tea saucer set and more.
  3. Configurable – these are simple products combined with options like size, color, materials, etc. Each Virtual – This basically includes services. For example, technical services, ticketing etc.
  4. Bundle – such products comes in a bundle and cannot be sold separately.
  5. Downloadable – Basically the software. Like gaming or eBooks or anything related

Apart from the above Magento advance extension option is bundled with several other facilities to provide a better shopping experience and is favorable for both the customer and the owner. Like attractive and affordable delivery customization options.

Navigation is the center of any site. Particularly, when we are discussing an e-commerce store. Every customer visits the site shop uses some sort of navigation for reaching the desired page. That’s the reason behind the quality of the site and its navigation feature should be on treated on a priority basis.

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