Avoid the traffic losses by using affordable URL shortener

Avoid the traffic losses by using affordable URL shortener

Many startup owners now try hard for keeping the flow of traffic smoothly, but they fail to achieve their goal due to some reasons. Due to this, they seek for an affordable and reliable solution. For satisfying the needs, Capsulink comes with a unique set of features.  It is a uniquely developed solution that helps startups to update as well as change names several times when making a perfect product. Along with this, it can also help you to save customers, time and save.  The best and reliable URL shortener service capsulates all your URLs into capsules.  The capsules are most powerful and referral marketing solution that brings many reliable features including web analytics, editing capabilities and much more. When you plan to publish any link to the content of your startup online, you need to secure it before publishing it.  Many ways are available to secure the link, but link capsulation brings some additional conveniences.   These kinds of capsulated links let you edit them at any instant for updating your links.

Unique features

The specialized features let you avoid losing traffic once again.  If your startup content is a press release, e-commerce, media, blog or video, Capsulink ensure that your viewers always obtain there. It not only shrink url but also bring you lots of specialized features, including:


  • Affordable and simple branded URL shortener
  • Ideal for start-ups
  • It capsulate links
  • Helps you to reach the audience and analyze the behavior of visitors
  • It converts even the dead end 404 pages into helpful content
  • It includes password secured and private capsules

These are highlighting features of capsulink that attract many startup owners towards it and encourage them to utilize it for their business needs.  An official site is the best place where you can gather all significant details regarding the Capsulink. Along with this, it also helps you to understand the significance of using the URL shortener.

Save time and traffic

Capsulink is a low-cost and simple solution that helps the user to track the behavior insights of visitors, locations, referrals, and dates.   The most interesting fact about this solution is that it let you get all above-mentioned conveniences in a single convenient dashboard. By using Capsulink, make short url and protect your business from damaged links, missed profits and traffic loss. The specialized features make Capsulink an ideal choice for start-ups, developers, creators, and companies. If you are a creator, you can use this solution as a promotion tool.  you can promote your content by using Capsulink because it avoids the issues which are created by the content hosted by the cloud services.   This affordable solution also keeps the content available for everyone.  Capsulink also helps companies to increase their brand loyalty and brand awareness.  You can also use the traffic analytics for every capsule for growth, metrics, and strategy. Capsulink API helps developers automate and view capsule administration for maintaining the content access.  For additional information about Capsulink, you can carefully read the description available on the authorized portal.

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