Backing Tracks – What They Are, When They’re Used and How to Buy the Best

There’s more to backing tracks than karaoke and there are actually many situations in which they’re used. So, what are backing tracks exactly? Backing tracks are a version of a song without the lead vocals, and sometimes without backing vocals for, for example, lead guitar and other tracks.

There are many situations in which high-quality backing tracks for popular songs are used, from high school musicals and local theatre productions to live performances and even in the recording studio. Here are some of the many situations in which you may need high-fidelity backing tracks for a song:

  • Live performances – If you don’t have a band and, for example, you got a gig singing in a local bar, you can buy backing tracks to sing over. This is a very popular use of these tracks.
  • Musical productions – Whether a local theatre group or a primary school, backing tracks can help bring musical and stage productions to life in glorious high-fidelity sound.
  • Demo recordings – Many aspiring young musicians use backing tracks in the recording studio as they sound professional and they’re more cost-effective than using a backing band.
  • Karaoke – Yes, karaoke is very popular across the world and if you love to sing along there’s a very good chance you’ll find that backing tracks offer better sound than karaoke CDs.

Buying High-Quality Backing Tracks

So, those are some of the many popular uses for backing tracks – can you imagine yourself in a situation in which you could use some high-fidelity musical backing? Chances are you can!

Buying High-Quality Backing Tracks

If you’re in need of backing tracks for a live performance that you’re planning, you want to buy the very best tracks that you can, which is easy when you know what to look for in a quality online retailer. As there are many to choose from, you need to make the right decisions.

  • Sound quality – When buying MP3s, make sure that they’re 320kbs or perhaps look for other options like WAV and FLAC which deliver higher sound quality.
  • Great songs – A great range of songs is a must so that you can access all the songs you need to make your upcoming performance a complete success. You will find that most online retailers offer a great range, however, if you’re after somewhat obscure tracks, you may need to search for them.
  • Top price – Before buying backing tracks, look at a few different websites to get an idea of what the average prices are so that you know how much you should be paying.
  • Options – Make sure that you have the options you require, like having the songs burned onto a CD rather than downloading them in MP3 format.

To sum things up, backing tracks have many popular uses, including karaoke, musical and stage productions, live performances, studio recordings and many more. And to source the best songs to buy, you should focus on sound quality, a great range of songs, competitive prices and options like different formats, for example, CD as well as MP3.

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