Benefits of Educational Apps in Preparing for Competitive Exams

Benefits of Educational Apps in Preparing for Competitive Exams

A person might complete graduation and start working, but one never stops to learn. Almost everyone is trying to learn more, deciding to sit for competitive exams, switch careers and move on. The tight competition has led to a situation where many students neglect their school studies and focus solely on “entrance coaching” which is expensive and time-consuming. With the competition for bank and SSC jobs increasing at a faster rate, it is the need of the hour to improvise the way we prepare for these exams. With Clerk/IBPS PO/RRB, SSC CGL Tier-II and   RBI Assistant exams round the corner, it is crucial to judiciously use the time and exploit the available resources.

In today’s world, we have learning applications for children, which assist them in the process of learning new things. Hence, applications are making our lives a lot easier and fun. Mobile education, as a matter of fact, is a fast growing trend which people all across the globe are embracing with open arms. It has been observed that learning through Educational apps has grown exceptionally over the last few years.

Here are the benefits of using educational apps for the preparation of competitive exams:

  1. Mock Test
  • Mock tests and previous year question papers are available in online format, which helps you to be thorough with the question pattern. So, you will have a generous idea on every possible type of question.
  • This kind of tests gives you a virtual experience about the final exam.
  1. Study on the go
  • One of its important features is portability. One can access the given question banks, mock tests and ebooks present in the applications even in offline mode, which makes really easy for the users to learn at anytime and anywhere.
  • Many aspirants are preferring these applications as they are inexpensive and available in both offline and online mode.

Benefits of Educational Apps in Preparing for Competitive Exams

  1. Structured Syllabus
  • It is most important to prepare really well in a limited period of time. This will require a proper syllabus and a perfect content.
  • These applications provide a structured syllabus including video lectures. So now if the time taken for learning one chapter is one hour, through the use of these applications it can be managed within 20 minutes.
  • This allows you to learn more in less time without getting bored.
  1. Test series
  • Educational applications provide chapter wise test series. So, Once you are done with a chapter, immediately you will be directed to the test series for that particular chapter. You will also get a detailed analysis report on that test.
  • In this way, your performance is checked and helps you to focus on your weak areas.
  1. Updates
  • These applications will help you to ace your comprehensive skills by making you ready for the tough exams. As it provides updates on news articles and current affairs.
  • The aspirants can also have a community where students can ask their queries and can know about the response to queries asked by other students.
  • You can even get exam notifications beforehand.

If you spend 3-4 hours a day commuting, mobile learning technology is the best way to prepare for exams. Not only it aids exam preparation, it also reduces your boredom and keeps you busy. So, Why to wait for? Just tap the app store icon and install the amazing educational app to your mobile and start enjoying the exam preparation phase.Subscribe to Byju’s YouTube video channel to learn with engaging video lectures.

About Author: Arpita Das enjoys inspiring others through her writing and blogging. After her engineering she has chosen to work with many students and to explore the opportunities of creating a better future in the field of digital education. She has been able to motivate many with her passion towards education in Byju’s-the Learning App.Since when she started her career she has written articles and blogs. If you wish to discuss any related concepts or ideas feel free to drop an email at Email_id:


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