Best free logo maker online

Best free logo maker online

When it comes to work on branding for a new business every business focuses on improving not just the quality of their products and services but also their logo.

Logo is one of the most important parts where every business has to work year after year to improve it according to latest standards.

Why Logo is so important for branding?

Because, it makes the brand easily recognizable with its image or icon.

If you look at F logo you know its Facebook and when you look at blue bird logo you know its Twitter.

This works for every business. Your logo makes the people understand that which product or service is related to your brand.

When it comes to make or update a logo for your blog, you have two major options.


1) Hire a professional logo maker

2) Use free online logo making services

Today I am sharing about the online services that help you to easily create free logo for your blog or business.

1) LogoJoy:

Creating a logo for your business and blog was never so easy. Logojoy has made things much easy and fun. At logojoy you will see various options to choose from existing designs, different fonts, color themes, icons, slogan addition and styles to generate new logo for your blog.

Because of acceleration of technology, people have changed the way people consume and produce info. Something creative, like logo making, used to be expensive and time-consuming, so many people could not access it. But with websites like Logojoy, suddenly anyone can make a logo that looks indistinguishable from a real person.

Within few minutes you can come up with a new logo for your business.

2) Shopify Logo Maker:

Shopify is a big name in online e-commerce store industry. It not only offer tools to create your every own e-commerce shop but also offer logo making service for your business.

You do not need any technical knowledge for this. You can use the stock images to create professional logo for your business.

3) Graphic springs:

GraphicSprings is known as the strongest logo maker. You will see a huge number of logo customization options. It also covers the major logo making options of all the logo making tools online.  You can easily create letter based or abstract logo for your own business or your client.

4) Canva:

Canva is a popular infographic portal. It is also known as a good place to generate logo for your blog or business. When you create logo using Canva you will find it similar to working on photoshop. I really like the drag and drop system.

5) HipsterLogoGenerator:

HipsterLogoGenerator is also a good place to create a professional logo. But it is not for everyone. You can generate logo in hipster style. This can be a good choice if your business is targeting youth.

These are few of the best places that I use and recommend to create logo for myself and for my clients. When creating a logo always follows the theme of your business and you will have a really professional logo.

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