BPMat an enterprise: how to choose an automation system

BPMat an enterprise: how to choose an automation system

Business process management at an enterprise can provide flexibility under the conditions of everchanging business environment with the help of modern solutions, such as CRM, ERP and BPM systems.

Many companies consider a costumer’s appeal to be the start point for business process management and therefore fail to obtain a vast part of target audience. Meanwhile, one should commit business processes much before a costumer’s appeal and even before revealing very concept of goods or service.

It is necessary for creating a management system that would function effectively under the dynamic business environment to choose a proper solution of automation and management. The means of business process management at an enterprise is CRM, ERP and BPM systems. The choice depends on complexity and objectives of processes, development level of company and tasks solved with these systems.


CRM – Customer Relationship Management.

CRM system is a powerful instrument for attracting and holding clients that allows more direct influencing on leads and costumers, attracting them by the time they explore the market, holding them while moving on sales funnel and developing steady relationships with regular costumers. If you fail to keep in mind all of the agreements with the current clients, CRM system is what your company needs.

CRM system allows building steady relationships with customers. In addition to leading customers through sales funnel, it also provides participation of clients’ database in triggered mailing, e-mail marketing, events and loyalty programs.

CRM system allows managing all of the business processes related to clients. CRM system integrates processes implemented by a department of marketing, a sales department and a client support service and creates a united information field for personnel.

The system stores full records of interfacing with clients, such as calls, orders, appeals, etc.  It helps to better analyze consumers’ behavor and organize a more effective interfacing.

ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning

ERP system is a solution for enterprise resource management that controls processes of formation and redeployment of objectives and functions.

Internal business process management with the help of ERP system allows obtaining additional capabilities and competitive advantages due to better coordination of enterprise units. The software helps to integrate all departments and functions into united system.

The key objective of the system is optimization of business processes due to reducing resource and time expenses.

BPM. Full business process management cycle support.

BPM systems provide proper business processes transformation. BPM is required when you need to have your non-trivial business processes accelerated and standardized. DPM systems model and manage business processes at enterprise and, at the same time, automate personnel’s work. Bpm’online software is one of examples. The basis of the software is BPMN 2.0., the most progressive platform of business process modeling.

BPM system allows automating both structured and adaptive business processes. The system uses Case Management technology to allow modeling and managing processes, whose objectives are only defined during implementation progress and depend upon different factors.


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