Car Radio Codes Calculator Tool

Car Radio Codes Calculator Tool

How much money and time are you ready to spend just to get your car radio going? If the answer is as much as it takes here is something that can make you change that answer!

The thing is that you don’t need to spend any money and only a few minutes of your time if your car radio is locked. This lock can be easily fixed with your car radio unlock code and your problem is gone for good. The reason why I presume that your car radio is locked it’s because that is the most frequent reason why most car radio devices stop working all of a sudden. If you have had some other electrical issues which are clearly not software issues then probably you should seek the answer someplace else.

You can easily check if your car radio unit is locked just by turning on your car radio. When you do this you will probably see a code request which is not always clearly spelled out for you. If it is an older model you will notice only a few dashes, which match the number of digits that your car radio code consists of.

If you have checked this already and you concluded the “locked” state of your music system it is time to check if it is blocked, not just locked. Try to enter at least one digit. That is the only test necessary for you to know if you would be able to enter the unlock code later on. If you cannot do this than unfortunately for you or your car radio there is no going back. In other words there’s nothing to be done to fix it. You can try taking the car radio to radio service but I doubt that they would be of any help if your device is in a state like this.

The car radio can block out all the possibilities for unlock only if you haven fiddling with the code negligently. You try one code, then another, then another and after you use up all five allotted attempts the software installed in the stereo blocks which prevents you to use it in the future. I sincerely hope that you haven’t gone that far and that your car radio is still locked and can be easily fixed with the solution which I am about to offer.


That’s right! The Car Radio Codes Calculator tool is a software application tool that can help you calculate the code required by your car radio software so it can be unlocked. This application can calculate literary any code of any car radio model and brand. It works in a fast and easy manner so all you have to do is download it and follow the short set of instructions which will be listed for you bellow.

Car Radio Code

Step-by-step code calculating instructions:

  1. Gather a few pieces of information regarding the identity of your car radio unit. These should clearly include the serial number of your car radio, the full name of your car radio model, and the manufacturer.
  2. Open the app that you should have downloaded and installed by now on your computer or tablet.
  3. See the options for the separate details named in the first step of the instructions. Fill in these details as truthfully as you can. Especially pay attention to the serial number because you have to fill it in manually and even if you type one digit wrongly the process will be unsuccessful and you would have to start over.
  4. Click on the option that says “generate”. With this step you will be giving the Car Radio Codes Calculator tool a command to start generating your lost car radio unlock code.
  5. After a while you will receive the unlock code on your computer’s or tablet’s screen.
  6. Write this number down carefully, or if it is easier for you make a screenshot capture.
  7. Turn on your car radio again and enter the code.

Another tip that you should know in this procedure is the manner in which you are supposed to enter the code. If you already know which buttons of the unit you should press for the numbers to appear then that is amazing. But, on the other hand, if you are not sure how to do this you can always download a car radio manual for your brand of stereo and read about it there.

If you happen to have any question about the code generating procedure via the Car Radio Codes Calculator tool you can always check their webpage where there is a section of FAQ or you can contact the customer support team.


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