Check list of features you need to manage your domain

Check list of features you need to manage your domain

Domain management involves securing a domain name, editing and updating your domain information. Once a business has a domain there are several things you need to do when you manage your domain and keep it running and up to date.

  • Register your domain

Firstly, you need to ensure that your domain name has been registered and is secure for your business to use. This is also known as Domain privacy. Security is paramount to internet usage these days, due to the potential for hackers to steal information, or find ways to install malware or spyware, among a host of parasitic programs, onto your computer. A domain name can be available at the time you choose it but availability status may change because there are other businesses constantly searching and creating their domains as well.

It is imperative that you choose a domain name that accurately represents the purpose of the site. For instance, if you are a news website, you might choose to have a URL such as This is branding and can help generate traffic to your website as well as allowing it to stand out from the pack.

If you have not registered the domain name other businesses may be able to pick it and use it which can potentially damage your brand marketing. When you buy your domain name registrars put client information on WHOIS, a public internet directory securing your domain name.


  • Domain expiry dates

Registering a domain name does not entitle businesses to an infinite and unlimited ownership of the domain name. The registration is subject to expiry and if registration is not renewed, any other business is free to pick out your domain name and register it for use. In managing your domain, you need to remember to check these dates to avoid registration unexpectedly expiring. It is always best to renew your domain for a few months at a time if possible, or even having a recurring payment system which gives you ease of mind and makes the possibility of you losing your domain name much lower.

  • Managing domain profile

You may need to change your domain passwords and login information. You can also create sub-users under profile management and also group multiple domains into different profiles. Your domain profile can be updated by using domain management interfaces. You may feel the need to change the default Domain Name Server (DNS) setting.

  • Update your contact information

Any contact changes made by a business should be immediately updated and verified according to ICANN requirements. A change in postal and physical address, email address and telephone number also needs to be updated to avoid any client inconvenience. Notifying your clients of contact information changes will help retain them. Your information change should also appear on WHOIS. Outdated information on websites, as well as misleading information, such as saying a certain item is in stock when it isn’t, will lead to customer dissatisfaction and a possibility of losing clientele.

  • Setting your primary domain

This is the domain used to purchase your server and has the main controls of your server. You may need to add or remove a domain. A business can also have an alternate or secondary domain. Ensure that your primary domain is well set, allowing all other custom domains to redirect to it. You may also want to change your primary domain or transfer a domain. This is very important because it keeps your business in sync, and allows higher customer satisfaction.

  • Setting up an alternate domain

Alternate domains are independent domains that have their own content and setting that can be added to your server after setting up the primary domain. Some setting can be handled under the alternate domain like the domain registration and DNS settings. However, alternate domains are still handled under the primary domain.


  • Adding a subdomain

A subdomain is part of an existing domain. Account Centre addition is not necessary with these domains. You can contact your registrar for more information on how to add your relevant working subdomain.

It is very important that you take note of the differences between an alternate domain and a sub-domain and how they can be useful to your business.

  • Change/Transfer of Domain Ownership

If you need to change or transfer the ownership of your domain, you need to request for a transfer of domain ownership before making any transfers. You also need to make an update the information listed on WHOIS. You can acquire more information on the procedure involved in the ownership change from your domain registrar.

Changing your domain name can be very risky for the future of your business – if you intend to simply change the name. This is due to that fact that customers subconsciously imprint certain words and brands in their head which make them favor returning to the same website they are used to for information. For instance, if CNN stopped using its autonomous name for a website, readership to its new website can potentially drop.

However, there is a way to mitigate the potential customer loss induced by a domain change. Firstly, you can advertise on your website boldly that you will be switching domains, this can help assuage customer skepticism. Secondly, you can have the new domain and the old domain up at the same time and have customers redirected there in a bid to let them be familiarized with the new domain.

There are several things involved in managing your domain and ensuring that it is serving its purpose in your business. Your domain can be managed by your registrar.

In summary, it’s very important that you are on top of all the different facets regarding domain management. It might seem like a mouthful, but learning can streamline and make your business more efficient. There are multiple sources available on the internet regarding the intricacies of domain management. Above all, a catchy domain that refers to your business can help drive traffic to your website and boost your business.


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