ClockIn Portal: Manage your Employees Time with Efficiency

ClockIn Portal: Manage your Employees Time with Efficiency

Establishing a company is a really a tough job and even after the establishment of a company taking your team along with you gets out of hand sometimes. In order to have a strict check on your employees, you have to make sure they follow their proper time table. Since most of the workers get their wages according to the hours and in order to pay them hourly wages their work time is kept under the proper check. We since childhood have been hearing how precious time is but we realise the true value of it as we reach our adult age and especially when you have to manage a whole team of workers, then you realise how important is it for you to make them reach the workplace at the time.

Clock in App

Clock in app, in this case, serves as the best source from where you can manage your whole team and could track time of those workers who work at the hourly time. This app works in a proper way that first you have to get your company’s account set up here and then, later on, you have to make all of the workers install this application and sign up to it. They can change their status between in and out, like when starting their job time i.e. arriving their workplace they could update their status to in and while leaving it they can change it to “out”. Moreover, you can also track their worker’s lunches and can notify about unpaid lunches.


Benefits of Clock in App

Other features of ClockIn Portal include that you can also write a short note at the end of each shift. The workers can also make requests to the supervisor with the help of this application. They can also update their report of miles driven from reimbursement. All of these facilities could are given to company owners in very reasonable range. Charges per month are at the rate of $4 each employee and the first user is not charged at all. $4 is perfect for such an application where you can also store data of each employee, like all the personal information e.g. Date of birth, time and date of employment and online hours record as well as the contact information of each data. If you are just starting this application this application gives you 30 days free trial that will cost you nothing at all and in that time if you are satisfied with this application then you can continue using it or otherwise.

No one except the employees and supervisors can have access to that kind of information and all the info is kept confidential and private. Another feature of this application is that it helps to finalise each employee’s payroll at the end of the month or week or whichever time is fixed for the payroll.

ClockIn Portal app is either available on the mobile phones or computers. You can keep it updated from any device. To get advanced feature request you can also contact the service provider and make a special request and they can also be contacted through phone during work hours or by email anytime to make a request or complaint. The popularity of this application can be assured by some famous names that have been taking advantage of this application. Some of those names are Dog Vacay, Headspace, Mod display, Post Scan Mail etc. Go ahead and give this application a chance to make your job easy.

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