CNC Press Machine

CNC Press Machine

A Press Machine is a special type of machine that press and bends any form of metal into a desired shape. Some major examples of the job done by a press machine is the back plate of the computer case, other famous examples are frame pieces, brackets, electronic enclosures etc. press Machines are either Mechanical, Hydraulic or CNC operated. In the case of a mechanical press machine, it is electronically simpler, and due to its design, it is good for punching applications. The CNC press machines offers better precision as compared to mechanical press machine because unlike in the case of the mechanical press machine that has a single axis of motion, there are some CNC machines that have as much as 12 or more programmable axis that enables it to offer more precision. CNC press machines are more prevalent but the latest machines are have a controller that is PC based and this has revolutionized the machinery.

Most at times, carrying out CNC machine presses can be hazardous, thereforesome safety measures should be taken into consideration during operation of these machines. With the rapid advancement in the technology world, the press machines are not left behind, they have also undergone considerable changes, and these changes has been driven by market demands. The method of Lean manufacturing has reduced the quantities in thousands to hundreds, which ideally means that the machinery has become more flexible, easier to set up and quick to program.


A CNC controller can be misunderstood in press brake applications. In real life practice, the CNC control on a press brake is a huge time saver for simple applications such as a 2-3 bends or more on part lots of 1-2 pieces. Ideally, CNC is associated with high production numbers, and a press machine, like any machine tool can benefit greatly from computerization of the axis of motion. The Press machine is of high accuracy. Any process that requires bending and shaping of sheet metal is inherently dangerous, and press machines offer no exception. The operators of the press machinery can take the advantage of the capabilities of a CNC press machine such as multi axis back gauge systems and air bending, so that making of type of shape is possible; also, the hydraulic clamping units for changing the tools quickly, enables operators to avoid shimming automatic crowning systems are available.

Mechanical barriers, pullbacks and nonprogrammable light curtains represent early methods of press machines operator protection, a press brake is a vital necessity to most metal fabricating shops with shape cutting capabilities, and is one of the most sought after and yet misunderstood machines available for metal working. The evolution of press machine safety continues, as press machine manufacturers introduce new ways to address worker safety without sacrificing machine prowess? A history of press machine safety provides a glimpse of how manufacturers have addressed the issue, and how users have responded. The present day CNC Press Machine gives its operator a graphical representation of the formed part in a simple to use format. A CNC press machine operator can achieve high accuracy of metal forming by simply entering thickness, bends, and type of material, flange length and the speed and positions of the axis of the machine

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