Create effectiveness of inbound marketing through animate explainer videos – Get Traffic

Create effectiveness of inbound marketing through animate explainer videos – Get Traffic

It’s not a joke when we claim that videos have become an indispensable part of our lives. On our phones, computers and Smart TVs, we keep watching online videos throughout the day. In fact YouTube has recorded that the total numbers of hours which people tend to spend on watching videos increase by 65% year after year. Websites with only text have become outdated and Google is also saying this!

As the trend analysis by Cisco, by the end of 2018, videos will account for 80% of all internet traffic, which is going to be a figure up from the present 65%. Business organizations should brace themselves as this kind of online video boom wouldn’t slow down in anytime in the near future. In accordance with this phenomenon, animated explainer videos have also gained momentum with regards to online marketing strategy. If you’re not aware of how such videos like Spiel Videos can generate traffic, read on the concerns of this post.


Luring visitors to your site – Explainer videos are best at it!

One of the biggest challenges of majority of online businesses is attracting new visitors to their sites and how they could rank higher in SERPs. Videos or pages including videos have a far better chance of ranking higher in SERPs. To say it simply, they’re more digestible than non-visual content. Due to the shareability of explainer videos, it is also getting popular day by day. As per Facebook, more than half of the people who get back to the site usually watch at least 1 video in a day and 78% of Americans who use Facebook claim that they usually discover the videos which they see on Facebook.

Conversion rates will double – Explainer videos increase leads

So, now you’ve witnessed a hike in visits due to an explainer video. But the next step is to turn them into leads. How should you do that? Your brand or business will be able to deliver the right pitch everytime through such videos and time is the fundamental element here. 8 seconds is the average span of attention among humans towards a website which is regular and is based on text only. So, it goes without mentioning that if you want to grab attention, you have to do it fast. When you place an explainer video on your landing page, this leads to an increase from the first 8 seconds to an average of 2 minutes. This is a sheer 1500 % leap in engagement rate!

Turning leads to customers – The ultimate job of explainer videos

The ultimate numbers which matter most to a business is the customers. Explainer videos can reduce possible loss of customers by keeping the number of leads and visitors steady through the journey of inbound marketing. Great visuals and storytelling, email marketing and movable characters are some ways in which videos can increase customers.

In a nutshell, explainer videos are more of an asset which can be leveraged to convert customers into a community. Offer videos to your customers so that they empower them to support and share about you simply and quickly.

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