Customer Thoughts on Property Management Software

Customer Thoughts on Property Management Software

We first decided to use electronic payments about 3 years ago and it has changed the way we do business ever since. Our goal was to have a greater and faster cash flow in the beginning of the month and we felt that we could do this with a rent payment system. We heard that other local apartments around town were using Schedule My Rent.So we began asking around ourselves about pros and cons of adopting a software system that allowed for online payments.

Schedule My Rent had a great reputation around town and among many of the local property management teams. We spoke to over five local property managers that were already including the tools provided by Schedule My Rent into their own personal businesses. They were able to discuss with us all the pros of using Schedule My Rent for both them and their tenants.

We felt at ease adopting Schedule My Rent because of all the great reviews around town. We heard that it was a quick and easy process for both renters and property managers. After adopting the program for ourselves we knew that this was in fact true.

Our tenants are our number one priority. Making life easier for our tenants, meaning allowing them to pay bills on time and to not receive any late fees was a goal that we wanted to prioritise in our business. We knew that this would boost tenant morale. We’ve had an increase in tenant satisfaction and our tenants have been very happy with Schedule My Rent.

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We found out that we could adopt Schedule My Rent to help in the following crucial areas:

  • Remind our tenants every time a payment is due
  • Electronic payment processing – pay anytime
  • Tenants can split rent with their roommates

The electronic payments made processing leases much easier. We have a lot of international tenants who have been able to pay deposits online to hold an apartment when they were not able to physically be here in person.
We’ve had positive feedback from our tenants using the Schedule My Rent app. The tools have been very easy to use for our property management team as well as our tenants.

Benefits of Schedule My Rent
Paper-free meant a more environmentally friendly transaction. No more paper checks from tenants meant that we did not have to deal with security issues or tenants losing their checks in the mail. Pay rent online and avoid the hassle of paper checks, drop boxes and late fee check-ins.

Always know the status of your rent collection. The dashboard shows who has paid and who hasn’t paid.This meant that everyone was aware of their rent status. This also meant that we would have less disagreements with our tenants as far as rent payment was concerned. It was a win-win!

Save time by partnering with Schedule My Rent. Call 844-465-3339 or email to learn more about Schedule My Rent and how to get set up today!


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