If you haven’t heard of YouTube or ever seen a YouTube video, chances are you’ve been living under a rock for the past decade. There is something on YouTube for literally everyone, and there is never a dull moment on this platform. The fact that over a billion people use YouTube on a regular basis is testament to its popularity and its appeal to different sensibilities. However, several restrictions on the platform often render people unable to download YouTube videos. This has given rise to several software and tools that allow people to circumvent these rules and roadblocks and download videos from YouTube. One of the most effective tools is Tubemate.

Even though the app was extremely successful, several copyright issues have led it to being removed from Google Playstore. But the popularity of the app endures, with several thousand people continuing to use it on a regular basis. The simple and unsophisticated user face facilitates effortless download of videos from a plethora of video sharing platforms, with the user given complete freedom over choice of format and quality. Tubemate download statistics are proof of the effectiveness and convenience of the interface. It allows multiple back ground downloads and allows the user to carry out myriad other tasks at the same time. The light and fast nature of the app prevents ram clog up, and keeps the processor working in pristine condition, even when used continuously.


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The cutthroat nature of today’s market necessitates constant innovation and reinvention. As with any great business entity, the ability to constantly add new features and stay ahead of the competition is what separates winners from challengers. Tubemate went through such a process, with its appearance being identified as an aspect with major scope for improvement. This was addressed sufficiently with the 2.2.7 update, with an entirely new design scheme.

The next area if potential improvement was compatibility with the latest upgrades in mobile technology. This resulted in the 2.2.8 update with several significant improvements made in the backend processes. Several features were added to keep the Tubemate download experience the best in the business. The most significant of these have been mentioned below.

  • Downloads of best available quality: – With increase in popularity of social media, action cameras and high end camera phones have had great sales. Thus resolution and quality have improved exponentially. This issue has been addressed with downloads of high quality 4k videos possible on the app. The added capability to download videos at 60 FPS results in sharper high definition videos and consequent customer satisfaction.
  • Removal of bugs: – Downloads from platforms other than YouTube, which were riddled with bugs, are now streamlined and on par with general downloads from the app.
  • Battery efficiency: – Developers have sought to change perception of Tubemate as power hungry app. Latest developments are aimed at making it more energy efficient, and ensuring less strain on the battery even when used for prolonged periods.

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