Everything there Is to Know about a Hit Counter

Everything there Is to Know about a Hit Counter

Many companies put a huge Hit counter to show on their main page of their website. They aren’t quite aware that such a move can backfire badly. The truth is that a Hit counter can be more of a pain in reality. In this article we take a closer look at the same.

The bright side of having a Hit counter

Most businessmen choose to show a Hit counter. Most of these counters come for free and just need to be downloaded with a simple click. These hot counters give one a sense of how well the website is doing. It allows one to see how many people checked their website out. Most folks are under the impression that such website counters do a lot of good to their website, but the truth is far from it.

The dark side of a Hit counter

The truth is that a Hit counter is no danger to a website but it can be in a situation wherein you don’t have the numbers to show. Suppose your website hasn’t been received well on the web. A few hundred visitors to show on the counter will lead to a bad name in the market. Not just that, new visitors won’t purchase form you because your numbers are fairly low.

Many of these Hit counters come for free and can cause your website to can more time to download. In advertently you end up promoting the free Hit counter website instead of yours. Ads can be quite for a visitor.


The darker side of a Hit counter

It is a sad situation but many promoters are quite desperate to make their websites popular. What they do is that they make use of tweaks and some under the table ways and boost their visitor numbers. The customers today are much smarter and easily see through such fake numbers.

The truth is nobody uses hot counters these days. It has become somewhat obsolete. Having a Hit counter on your website was eye-catching earlier but now nobody has the time to care about them. The times really have changed. Having a hit counter will only give you the sense of satisfaction of knowing how popular your website is, nothing beyond that. It is better to seek other alternative to study he visitor’s moves and see how and why they make the clicks that they do. Traffic is one thing but quality traffic is what businesses look for.

Site Tracking – A great alternative

The biggest names on the Internet, the big dog websites that see millions come in everyday to check the latest buzz, will never have a Hit counter on their homepage. This is a good reason why even you should avoid having a visitor counter on your website.

The world of advertising has changed in the past couple of years and is becoming so easy and effective. Site tracking is probably the most useful tool of them all which allows the webmaster to see what the visitor does. It is quite shocking to see how many folks fail to take advantage of such a tool while designing their website.

Many people feel that promoting their website will bring in more people. This is true but that won’t necessarily make you a sale. It isn’t so easy to make a sale in this day and age. Products, events etc. need to be convincing enough.

Analysing the visitor path they took will give you a perspective of what you did wrong or what you should do. Your sale depends on whether or not the customer makes that click. If you keep an eye on the customer’s moves you will understand which path they were looking for. Site tracking shall help you gain insight into all this and help your website improve in making sales.

The Final Verdict

At the end of the day, a Hit counter won’t help your cause. Your website can do much better without it. Site tracking is a much better option to choose. Understand how much time your visitor spends on an average on each page. Go deep into analysing what you are doing wrong and how you can improve upon it. A Hit counter has now become irrelevant. People don’t have the time to see the views or care about them.

A Hit counter won’t add your website’s value. In fact it might only degrade a good website given the cons. When you weigh a Hit counter against site tracking, tracking your site shall help you in more ways than one in making amore sales than you ever hoped before.

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