Free websites for designers and artists

Free websites for designers and artists

Frequently experienced website problems

Most average website users today, simply do not have the necessary training or experience to deal with many of the complicated problems surrounding websites. There is a whole lot to know, before someone will be able to use their website with competence and confidence. Some problems which is frequently experienced is things such as images which is reduced by HTML. Therefore there are often variations in height and width and unfortunately most amateur website users have no idea how to address the situation. It may be necessary to use a graphics editing program so that the image can be reduced to the correct size before it is uploaded. There is also deep linking issues where people are linking directly to someone else’s content, but they do not exactly has permission from the other website owner to do this. Often images is used which is stored on other servers but these are displayed on your own webpage and this is actually illegal and this is why permission should always be obtained before using someone else’s content.


There is so much more

There is a long lists of other things about which people should know who are interested in creating their own website. This is why designers and artists will be happy to learn about the existence of This is a free website creator which could be used to easily create your own website. With this service you can get your own online art portfolio as well as a free blog, which can be used to further promote yourself as well as your artworks. You can even have your own online store from where you can sell your products for a very small monthly fee. One of the most important issues when it comes to designers and artists is maximum exposure, and now it is possible to exhibit and promote all of your creations online. You no longer have to depend on someone else to promote your work. Very often this is someone who does not have the same passion than you yourself may have. However now you can take a proactive approach and you can write extensively about your own artwork and you can also share your work aggressively on social media, knowing that the Desarts network has over 180,000 followers.

All of the benefits, zero complications

When making use, you will always be completely protected and copyright of your artwork is maintained at all times. It is so much easier and convenient to receive payments online, rather than to make use of other less convenient methods. Therefore doing business as a designer or artist, actually become so much easier and more convenient. There is also the further benefit of flexibility, because anything can be changed or adapted as your business grow. Normal websites and website creators simply do not understand the world of designers and artists, but this is not the case When using this service you are in the company of people who fully understand everything which is important to designers and artists.

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