GIRON – A New Generation of Material for Effective Magnetic Shielding

GIRON – A New Generation of Material for Effective Magnetic Shielding

Electromagnetic pollution has become the new threat to the world and GIRON has emerged as one of the most effective materials for dealing with it. When it comes to shielding high field strength applications, GIRON is most electronic manufacturers’ material of choice. This nickel-free, laminated material is better than any other magnetic shielding materials available in the market today. It is mainly used to protect applications requiring high saturation and good permeability. Thin and sturdy, this new breed of shielding material beats Mu-metal in softness and malleability. It can be bent or shaped to match the application requirements, but without losing on its shielding properties. This woven, laminated material can withstand very high temperature ranging from 32 degrees to 122 degrees Fahrenheit, and is suitable for shielding both AC and DC electrical fields.

Applications of GIRON

It can be used for a wide range of household applications, and it is fit for installation inside a building or a car. Generally speaking, GIRON is ideal for the applications that require moderate to high-level magnetic shielding.

It is particularly good at shielding magnetic waves emitted by a plethora of electrical equipment such as speakers, vacuum cleaners, refrigerators, motors, laptops, and more.

This material can even be used to EMI-proof the walls and floors of your home, office, and even cars. GIRON films are easy to install. If you don’t want to fix them permanently by screwing or riveting them, you can simply tape or glue them to the walls. People working in high-EMI environments often use heavy weight vests made of this material.  Thanks to its high flexibility, a GIRON shield can be installed over just about any surface easily.



One of the most important advantages of GIRON is that it’s so soft that you can use it in a variety of ways. GIRON shields come in a variety of shapes. You can make flat sheets out of this material or mold it into different shapes. You can easily cut this soft substance with any kind of metal tool to give it the desired shape. Electronics manufacturers, who need in-built shielding for their products, often opt for customized GIRON shields.

Installation Methods

Manufacturers seeking to leverage this magnetic shielding material should remember the following steps for a hassle-free installation:

  1. Use a gaussmeter to detect the main sources of radiation around a residential or commercial building or the car that you want to shield.
  1. Slide the gauss meter around all sides to pinpoint the area that requires shielding.

In addition, check all other sources of magnetic fields which may include wirings, appliances, lights, and more. Wirings are often stuffed inside the walls and ceilings and so you may end up detecting the sources of radiation even inside the walls, floor, and ceiling. Repeat the process for every room of the building or car you want to shield.

Magnetic radiation can negatively impact our health. Long exposure to this harmful radiation can even alter our DNA structure which may prevent cells from performing their functions. The affected person starts suffering from a number of symptoms like vomiting, nausea, deteriorating cognitive abilities, fatigue, and irritation. If not addressed, they may turn fatal and can end up giving you diseases like poor immunity and cancer. Hence it is extremely important to keep your home and car protected from these radiations. So use GIRON, which is arguably one of the most effective magnetic shielding materials, and stay protected. For the best result, contact a reputed EMI shielding company to handle the shielding process. If your project has any specific requirement you must discuss the options with your designer or an EMI solutions provider.

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