How to avoid the disadvantages of social media

How to avoid the disadvantages of social media

Social media has so many benefits but there are some bad things associated with it if you don’t understand your audience well enough, or don’t understand how to use social media effectively. The main disadvantages include the generation gap, the ever-changing ‘rules of engagement’, and finding it hard to determine how effective a social media platform is in regards to your business.

Use of social media over generations is its main disadvantage. A lot of young people in places where computers are common know how various social media platforms work. But the older demographics do not necessarily understand it or find it interesting. For this reason, those companies that focus on things that relate to older people find it difficult to reach their target demographic, but this can be addressed by using, analyzing and understanding Facebook engagement trends, for example.

Another disadvantage of social media is that it is ever-changing. The social media platforms get updated with new features from time to time. Businesses for instance are required to stay up to date with all social media trends. For example, some time back, Facebook switched to timeline format and so companies and individuals had no choice but to learn how the new interface works and understand who sees what is on their timeline. If anyone fails to adapt to such changes, it may lead to their account being unable to attract customers or even spark just a little engagement.

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The other disadvantage of social media is that it can be hard to assess how it affects a business. For many new to social media, they can feel that there are no clear numbers that show the importance of maintaining any social media platform and there are no ways of telling what people do outside social media. A company can have five thousand followers on their Facebook or Twitter account but it may not be immediately possible to know how many actually visit their page. Though this is not a big disadvantage since it does not cost a lot to use a social media platform, but it is still an issue to a company that doesn’t know how it should be monitoring and analyzing its social media activity.

There is also a risk that social media, if not used very well, can negatively impact on a company’s progress. For example, for social media to be effective for a company, a lot of time has to be spent on the platform. If a company uses social media as a form of customer service then a team is required to stay up to date throughout with social media queries. Having an experienced marketing team that only specializes in social media will be more productive than having employees who are better off focused on the daily regular company activities.

It is also very important to remember that your social media profile must be updated daily in order to get attention. You must ensure that the content you post on, optimized by understanding Twitter engagement trends for example,is varied and has eye catching images. If you just post mediocre content for the sake of remaining current you will not be able to generate leads.


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