How To Create Pro Product Images For Your eCommerce Website

How To Create Pro Product Images For Your eCommerce Website

If you are selling products online there are 3 major factors you need to consider to boost sales. 1. a professional looking website, 2. competitive pricing and 3. top quality product images. Nobody will make a purchase if they see images of products that look amateur. It is you role as a website owner to provide trust to the user to allow them to make a purchase online.

In this post we will show the way to creating pro looking product images for you eCommerce shop without the use of an expensive camera, software or a professional photographer. Zero experience is required and it will take no time at all to create your images.

We would like to thank SixtyMarketing for their feedback on how they conduct editing product images for their website maintenance clients. The team there have created some excellent product images for their clients so we got in touch with them to share their insights.

Getting Started

With this website maintenance tutorial for creating shop images you do not need an expensive camera, lighting, photography equipment or any knowledge of editing software, such as Photoshop. There are only a few items you need:

  1. A Camera (iPhone or any smartphone is fine).
  2. Different coloured background material (single, plain colours).
  3. Well lit space (ideally outdoor or near a window).
  4. Access to the internet.

Before we go into creating your pro product images for your eCommerce website, we will quickly break down the above points so you understand what and why they are for.



You do not need to spend £100’s on an all singing, all dancing camera. Using a modern smartphone is more than capable to create an excellent photo. You may need to play around with the settings (mainly the flash) a little to capture the best image.


Placing your products on a background is vital. This makes editing your photo 100x quicker. What we will be doing is removing this background to produce a transparent background. The key is to use a background which is the completely different colour to your product.

Lets say your product contains yellow and black. Your background colour needs to be say pink. This will allow the final stage for the software to distinguish whats the background and what the product (by colour) when we come to remove it.

We tend to use a large sheet of material where we place the product on. This material should contain no patterns and must be completely flat and smooth without any wrinkles in.


You do not need to go out and buy multiple photography lights to bring your product to life. The best source of light is always sunlight. Failing that, your camera flash or just a standard desk lamp will be fine. Ideally if you can take your products outside on a sunny day it will give you the best quality finish.

Failing that, next t a window where daylight shines in or point a desk lamp on your product. Be careful wherever you take your photo that there’s no shadows casted.

Online Software

All you need is access to the internet to upload your photos to get edited. Don’t worry! No editing experience required.

Taking Your Photo

Setup your background material and ensure that the colours are opposite to the product. Keep the material as taught as possible to avoid wrinkles.

Place your product directly on top of the material, ideally in the centre. Make sure there are no foreign objects on your product or material.

Ensure you lighting is setup correctly so its directly on your product. Where possible look to avoid shadows. Placing lighting directly above the product will avoid this. Make sure there are no reflections of you taking the photo or of anything else if your product has a reflective surface.

Top eCommerce website maintenance tip – Move your product to different angles so the user gets to see the full view of the product!

Editing Your Photo

There are 3 routes you can go down now to edit your photo:

  1. Photoshop (hardest, most expensive and most time consuming).
  2. Pixelz (easiest but expensive).
  3. Clipping Magic (pretty easy and cheapest).

We asked the guys at SixtyMarketing which of these 3 they would prefer and they all agreed Clipping Magic is by far the best value for money without putting a large amount of time in to editing the image.


Adobe Photoshop costs £19.97 per month and requires an expert level of knowledge to create perfect, finished product images. This is by far the most time consuming as well due to the huge amount of features available, getting to know your way around all the settings and learning how to use the ones you require.


No editing work required with Pixelz, simply upload your photos and select the effects you require online. The team then edit your photos to your specification and email you the finished image. This can cost between £1.50 – £2.00 per image. A valid VAT number is required to place an order.

Clipping Mask

Requires a very very small amount of editing. Full tutorials are given online but basically you just need to select what part is your product and which part is your background. This is why we said choosing a completely different colour background to your product to edit quickly.

You can adjust the product colours and apply shadowing with ease. It takes roughly 3 minutes to edit a photo.

A monthly subscription is required from $3.99 per month and costs roughly 6p per photo to edit.

Round Up

So for spending an initial few quid on different coloured background material and then 6p per image to be edited, you will have professional product images to put on your eCommerce website, which will boost sales and give your online business that cutting edge over your competition!

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