How to improve the conversion rate of your landing page

How to improve the conversion rate of your landing page

Landing pages are very important in your online business. The success of your online advertising depends mostly on how well you have designed your landing pages. People cannot see your office in online business. So, your landing page becomes the face of your company. Thus, landing page plays a huge role in your online campaigns.

Sure enough, importance is given to the title, headlines and general layout of your landing page. But, the core content and web designs must also be looked into. There must be sync between all the factors of your layout. If you have great content but a confusing layout, you will not be getting too many customers.

Here are some tips from SEO services in Amritsar to improve conversion rates of your landing page –

Mobile optimization –

It is shown that more than 50% of internet access is through mobile phones. In the coming years, we will be seeing almost everyone carrying a mobile phone. With so much dependence on this device, why not use it for the benefit of your business? Mobile users must be your primary target because they will be larger in numbers. Your landing pages must have responsive technology that will adapt to all kinds of mobile devices, resolutions, sizes of screensand software. If not all, you could at least design a landing page that is accessible from the most commonly used smart phones.


Use Media –

Media like video and images are the best method to convey important messages. They will be retained in memory for a longer time. Do not choose images for your landing page simply because they look good there. These images are occupying valuable screen space, so they better deliver marketing message. Hence, choose the most significant and relevant media to be put up in a landing page. Videos are also the best thing to pop up on your landing page. They drive home the message in an understandable way. Small space and lot of information is what video does. One good thing about a video is that unlike images, no matter how long your video is, it takes up the same amount of space. Hence, a video is definitely the best option for a landing page.

Use Heatmaps –

Heatmaps are the tools that will help you to track mouse movements on your landing pages. This will help you know what your customers are interested in and what they are clicking on. Also, it will show you clearly what parts of your landing page are success and attracting more views. Thus, you can improvise these areas and rectify the other parts. Also, you will learn what might be distracting the viewers’ attention from the most important parts of your landing page.

When it comes to optimizing your landing page, there are many advanced strategies that you can use. Learn what strategies work for your company and business because not all strategies may work for all types of businesses. It may be getting good testimonials or asking questions, the secret is to keep your viewers hooked. This will help in the increase of conversion rates of your landing pages.


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