How to Select the Right Printed Circuit Boards Software for Your Start-up Business

How to Select the Right Printed Circuit Boards Software for Your Start-up Business

More and more companies are relying on computer-aided design and computer-aided engineering in the design of electronics. It is not just the big brands that are embracing automation but small businesses too. If you are a start-up that is in the field of engineering, selecting The Ultimate PCB Design Software of Altium will greatly improve efficiency and cut down costs.

Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) design software has grown in popularity in the past decade, making the manual design of electronics both outdated and a complete waste of time.

Needs Assessment

The key to selecting the right PCB design software is understanding your organization’s needs. There are some critical questions that need to be asked in order to identify the gaps that need to be filled.

  • Is design of electronics something that is repeatedly done or is it a one-off task?
  • Do we have a team that needs to collaborate with each other?
  • Does our team of engineers or designers lose a lot of time doing repetitive tasks?
  • Could design data improve the efficiency in the team?
  • Could we save costs and improve the quality of our products by investing in high-quality PCB design software?

There a number of factors that will determine an organization’s choice of PCB design software.



Start-ups are normally operating on tight budgets so investing in PCB design software should translate into real value. Some might think that free software is the best option. Options that give no tangible value might be free, but they will not help the business to move ahead.


Altium designer is very popular with businesses of all sizes. The software works very well with Windows. Before a company invests in automation of their engineering designs, a lot of time is wasted in re-inventing the wheel. Engineers spend less than 50% of their time doing design work.

With automation, what will be designed in future will be built on the success of today’s design. Just like software only requires update rather than redesign, so does hardware. Once data is recreated, it can be used over and over again. The team can focus their efforts on innovation instead of repeating the same tasks. Altium Designer generates data at the touch of a button.

Altium Designer allows designers to design the highest quality PCB layouts within a fraction of the time they could have spent using some of the other software available in the market.

One major cause of time wastage is shopping for the components to be used in projects. Altium has removed that hurdle by putting together a database of over 100 distributors with real-time pricing and availability. A business cuts losses by avoiding purchasing parts that are going to become obsolete in the near future.


Whether a business is dealing with life-saving medical equipment or surveillance systems, the equipment should not fail as that would not only taint the name of the company but also put human life at risk.


Automation of engineering and design processes comes at a cost but gives real value to the organization. Hopefully, this article has helped to bring understanding about how much a business stands to gain by investing in the right software.

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