How to start your career in Digital Marketing?

How to start your career in Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is one of the most dynamic and progressing industries of today. The digital economy is growing so speedily, that it has resulted in high demand for digital marketing experts. There is a lot of scope in this line of work and so it can get tricky to find a fitting role.

Here is a list of recommendations that you can follow if you are an aspiring digital marketer:
1) Readiness to learn

The digital marketing industry is looking for passionate candidates who have the inclination and enthusiasm to learn. This industry is growing very fast and has become incredibly competitive in the current market. So, you must possess that desire and willingness before approaching for this career path.

2) Staying up-to-date

You need to be very keen and follow the major digital marketing websites and prominent people on social media. Big players such as Google, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter keep tweaking their advertising techniques, strategies, platforms and algorithms. You must stay updated on top of the latest changes. You can start by getting to know some of the most important digital marketing tools like SEO ( Moz, Distilled, SEOGadget, Search Engine Land), Social Media ( Social Media Examiner, Social Media Today),PPC ( PPC Hero, Search Engine Land), Content ( Hubspot) to name a few.

3) People networking

It is advised to meet and connect with as many people you can, who are more talented than yourself. They will be your continuous support network. You can get help from them when you are having a hard time with your problems. Not only that, it will also help in opening doors to future opportunities. You should attend industry meetings and conferences for cultivating relationships with other digital marketers. This will enhance your skill set through comprehensive workshops and presentations.

4) Practical projects of your own

The digital marketing industry is quite experimental when it comes to testing theories and strategies. So, you can try working on projects of your own.  It can be any kind of project which is related to SEO, PPC, Graphic Designing, Social Media, PR, Content Marketing etc. Every digital marketer should have such personal projects to be able to take responsibility for them and learn from the success or failure of a project.

5) Learning marketing terminologies

Digital marketing certification

Digital marketers must be well-acquainted with acronyms such as PPC, SEM and SEO. As a beginner, you must have a good grasp over your skill set. You need to learn to analyse digital marketing campaigns to understand the industry jargon and trends.

6) Building your own personal brand

A strong online presence could be a big factor for deciding how suitable you are for a role in digital marketing. You can do that by starting a new brand name of your own and place it fittingly in the current market. This will show your willingness to learn and create something new and also illustrate your creativity.

7) Technical knowledge

Digital marketing is more technical and data driven than it is believed to be. Developing websites, creating new marketing strategies, integrating your findings and recommendations are some of the most critical jobs a digital marketer has to do. Having basic knowledge of HTML and graphic designing will make you a better candidate.

8) Certification

You can increase your chances of becoming a digital marketer by enhancing your skill set and knowledge of digital media and social media. You can stand out by completing a Digital marketing certification course to add value to your resume and experience.

You will be way ahead of other candidates, if you follow these simple guidelines on starting a career in digital marketing successfully.

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