HP (UFT / QTP): The Ultimate Automation Testing Tool

HP (UFT / QTP): The Ultimate Automation Testing Tool

Automation of business processes has now evolved into a full industry with different software providers competing to provide quality applications.  There are many reasons organizations are scrambling to adopt automation technology including reducing operational costs and turnaround time, time savings, enhancing reliability, improving operational efficiency and metric visibility among others.

While the competitive automation industry has led to phenomenal benefits to customers there are still hindrances when it comes to optimizing these applications. One of the major challenges lies in testing automation systems to guarantee optimal performance.

As an organization it is imperative to appreciate the risks that come with failure to test the automated process including risks associated with downtime. Your brand can lose its reputation and also face devastating financial losses that can even drive you out of business.

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Your quality assurance (QA) needs the right automation testing tools to evaluate the functionality of the different systems. There are many open and licensed automation testing tools in the market but only a few are effective.

Leveraging Pegasie’s  HP UFT (QTP) Integration & Training

HP (UFT / QTP) unified functional testing is among the top testing tools in the market and it has grown in popularity on the backdrop of huge investment by the globally renowned brand. This testing tool is not only effective for big companies but also small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs).

As a pioneer in automation testing, HP UFT and Quick Test Professional (QTP) benefited from upgrades based on customer feedback making it even more efficient.

HP UFT (QTP)is the most preferred license fee automation tool because it is user-friendly and comes with invaluable customer support. It is also highly recommended because it automates both web-based applications and desktop applications.

Some of the notable features and benefits for HP UFT (QTP) include:

  • Multiple operating systems: This automation tool supports Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows NT and Mobile.
  • VB Script which is easier to use compared to Java.
  • Complete-end-to-end testing software with in-built object repository and built-in data table interface.
  • Multiple web technologies: HP UFT (QTP) supports HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, Services WEB, ASP Ajax, Dojo and GWT, iQuery UI5, SiebelOpenUi, YahooUI and Silverlight.
  • Multiple Windows supported languages: All European languages, Japanese, Chinese and Korean.

HP UFT (QTP) offers more value to users by guaranteeing higher and instant ROI, maximum test effectiveness, next-gen scripting for simpler and accelerated testing, comprehensive IDE environment for QA engineers and easier diagnosis on TestFusion reports. This is without doubt the ultimate automation testing tool today.

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