Iconic Apple Stores are coming to India in 2017

Iconic Apple Stores are coming to India in 2017

According to media reports, Apple Inc. will be opening three retail stores in India by the end of 2017. The stores are expected to be located in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore.

Each of these Apple Store will have a size of 10,000 square feet and will come up at prominent shopping complexes of the metro cities selected for the project. It is rumoured that Apple executives in India are presently searching for the suitable real estate and estimates show that an investment of $3 million to $5 million (₹20 crore to ₹33 crore) will be made for each store.

What India Will Gain

Authentic Apple Stores will pave the way for an enhanced user experience, one that third party retailers in India haven’t been able to replicate. These retailers include franchise stores (called Apple Premium Resellers) and small & large multi-brand outlets. Neither of these setups has the same ‘wow factor’ of an Apple Store.


India Apple Stores will bring over to India the complete Apple experience which consists of the colourful display of Apple products and accessories with experienced members of staff to help customers should there be a need.

Another thing Apple stands out for is the pay it offers its store workers. Their salaries are fixed and not influenced by the volume or value of sales. So Apple Stores will also help the employment sector in the launch cities.

Potential for Apple

The smartphone market is growing at world’s fastest rate in India. Hence, it’s understandable that Apple sees an untapped goldmine in India and wants to give itself the best chance of capturing the market.

However, if Apple intends to survive the Indian economy, it will have to look at prices along with user experience. This might pose a bit of a problem for Apple because the company is known for its high-priced devices.

Government Support

The current administration recently relaxed rules for foreign direct investment in single-brand retail. It was earlier mandatory that single-brand retailers have to source materials locally, but Apple is getting the exception. So all roadblocks seem to have been cleared from the path of Apple Stores in India.

The first Apple store opened 15 years ago. Apple was very much a US focused company back then. Today, Apple is putting all its energies in opening stores in India. It’s a perfect testimony to Apple’s global growth and India’s potential both.


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