Incorporating Telephone Answering Services with Other Communications

Incorporating Telephone Answering Services with Other Communications

In the business world, first impressions count. Therefore, you do not want an initial impression to go sour. This can happen if you do not have the right communications equipment or personnel in place. People still want to hear a real human at the end of a phone line, thus incorporating telephone answering services with your other communications media is a priority.

Using the services of a telephone answering company enables you to capture new customers without the worry of losing them to a competitor. Use of a service also enables you to focus on other company matters without neglecting your customers.

Increase Your Business Presence

When you have your calls answered by a third party, you can increase your sales leads as well. After all, sales are the lifeblood of most businesses, so your efforts are wasted if you spend money on marketing but make yourself inaccessible to reach. Although quite a bit of business is done online, you still have to accommodate the people who prefer to communicate by phone.

Again, most people want to speak to an actual person, therefore they usually are put off if they have to leave a voice message or text a business. Even if you obtain just one sale per month by having your phone answered, it is still enough to cover the cost of the service. After all, lost calls are also lost opportunities. In order to make optimum use of answering services then, make sure that any calls are forwarded to key staff members’ mobiles, that way they can screen the calls or answer them, if they desire.

Full-Time Phone Cover Is Possible – Even for Small Companies

If you are a smaller company, hiring a receptionist can be an expensive undertaking. Not only that, you probably do not receive enough incoming calls to hire a full-time receptionist. Also, if you have other members of your staff take calls, they will not be able to concentrate as well on their own job responsibilities.

So, contracting with an answering service seems like a small price to pay. Using a service also represents a huge savings when comparing it to handling calls in-house. You do not have to pay an employee salary, and the service also allows team members in your company to work remotely. By having your phone answered then, you can better manage and organise remote communications.

In addition, an answering service is available all the time. Even when your business is closed, someone is managing the calls. That way, you always have someone answering enquiries or providing good customer service to your callers.

telephone answering

Contracting with an answering service also allows you to free up time to grow your business. Even during regular business hours, handling a stream of inbound calls can be distracting. After all, how can you generate any revenue if you have to stop every few minutes to take a phone call?

Stay Focused on the Business at Hand

A telephone answering service screens and forwards calls so you can concentrate on your work. Without even picking up the phone, you can determine whether the call is from an important customer or just someone who is trying to sell you something you do not need. Answering services are able to handle day-to-day enquiries so you and your staff can focus on the business at hand.

An answering service can also be used to take care of other assignments, such as cancelling or rearranging appointments or transferring calls to certain people. Typically, call service companies permit you to select from various options so you can obtain the right service for your company. At the most basic level, a company will take messages and screen unwanted callers.

Besides taking messages, an answering service can also take on the following roles and responsibilities:

  • Serving as a virtual receptionist for your company
  • Handling emergency calls
  • Taking any overflow calls
  • Handling outbound calls
  • Responding to requests for company brochures and similar media
  • Providing holiday temporary cover

Taking Care of Communication Needs

As you can see, you can develop a bespoke plan to take care of your communication needs. By relying on a company that provides these kinds of services, you will strike a stronger and more positive impression with your customers and handle your own business interests better too.

Many of the issues that are related to hiring and training are eliminated by using an answering service provider. After all, time and money both are part of the hiring process. You also have to make sure the person you employ is competent in their job and are happy with the position.

In addition, by contracting with an answering service company, you impart an impression that adds legitimacy to your business. If someone is answering your phone, the caller naturally assumes that you are a larger-sized business. That translates to a good brand perception.

Using a phone answering service also allows you to have your phone messages sent by email or text. As a result, you can use today’s advanced technologies to access your phone messages from just about anywhere in the world. By using these technologies to support phone answering, you can better coordinate the activities of your staff. Using an answering service keeps all the personnel inside the loop.

Get Rid of the Answering Machine

When you make use of a phone answering service, you will never revert to using an answering machine again. Using a machine makes you appear disorganised and puts off customers before they even have a chance to talk to you on the phone.

Another benefit of using a service is that you can have a landline or 0800 number even if you only have a mobile. These kinds of amenities are useful for businesses who must provide customers with free assistance and support. Featuring a mobile number on your website is a red flag that you are operating solely on your own.

If you want your calls answered promptly and efficiently, even at the busiest times, then a phone answering service can serve as your major hub and call centre. Let the service handle any unanticipated spikes in call volume. That way, you can never lose out on potential business.


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