Inexpensive Brands to look for while buying AC

Inexpensive Brands to look for while buying AC

As much as it is important to have an air conditioner at your place in summers, equally important is to find one that can suit all your needs, as well as fit your budget. AC Price in India varies greatly on the not just the model and the type of AC you buy, but also on the brand you have chosen. There are several popular brands selling effective buy over priced ACs, which is why it is important to make a selection for a brand which is not so expensive and can still provide you with sufficient amount of cooling. Given below are a few inexpensive air conditioner brands you can go for, if you do not wish to spend too much and buy a cheap air conditioner.

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  1. Sansui – This is a popular brand for television as well as air conditioners. The SSZ33 WS1 MDA 1 Ton 3 Star Split AC from Sansui is an inexpensive model. The AC price in India for this model is around Rs 20, 000, making it affordable for a lot of people. And since this is a split AC of just 1 ton, you will not even get high electricity bills. This AC comes with an aluminum condenser, thus being the perfect choice for you.
  1. Voltas – This is another popular brand, providing you multiple options of split as well as window air conditioners to choose from. The AC price in India for Voltas air conditioners will depend on the capacity and other features available in the AC. You can opt for 183 DYA 1.5 Ton 3 Star Split AC from Voltas. This is available in white color and offers you all the necessary features along with dehumidification and 1 year warranty on AC, with a 5 year warranty on compressor. You can buy this online for Rs 24, 386.
  1. Carrier – Although a popular and established air conditioner brand, carrier is not opted by a lot of people. It can however provide you with a few very reliable and cost effective air conditioners. One of the many models you can opt for is the Estrella plus 1.5 Ton 3 Star Window AC from Carrier. This is available online for Rs 27, 240. So if you are looking for an AC, with an affordable AC price in India, this can most certainly be your choice.
  1. Hitachi – One of the best air conditioner brands to choose from is this one. Although the AC price in India for Hitachi air conditioners can be high, the brand also produces several low cost air conditioners, which you can opt for. One of them is the Hitachi KazePlus RAW312KUDI, this 1 ton 3 star AC is available for just Rs 21, 000, if bought online. It comes with features like an anti bacterial filter, and a moisture remover, in addition to all the other basic features that you can get access to in other air conditioners.
  1. O General – One of the other popular air conditioner brands, which cannot only offer you a great cooling experience, but will also be completely pocket friendly is O General. The AKGA09AATB 0.75 ton 5 Star window AC from O General is available at an AC price in India for Rs 21, 540. This is not only pocket-friendly, but also cost effective, while using this AC you will not only feel relaxed but also proud for purchasing the best air conditioner in this price range. With this model you can get access to features like dehumidification, ant bacterial filtering, and a lot more.

Verdict – The AC price in India for all the above mentioned air conditioners is certainly something that is not too high. All of these are the models costing less than 30,000, which is usually the price range for all the best selling air conditioners. The capacity for these air conditioners is not very high; these should thus be used for small rooms, and not living room. Another thing to keep in mind is that, the AC you plan to buy should be an energy saving model, according to which the O General air conditioner is the best option, since it is the only 5 star AC of the lot.


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