Internet radio, the new avatar in the web world

Internet radio, the new avatar in the web world

Internet radio is the latest craze on the web world; also has several other common names such as web radio, net radio, streaming radio, e-radio, online radio or sometimes, also termed webcasting. Internet radio is basically an audio based services transmitted through the Internet. Webcasting term is to replace broadcasting as the transmission in broader way through the Internet is wireless.

There are some differences with traditional broadcasting media and involves streaming media and presenting to the listeners with continuous melodious audio. Unlike traditional medium, replay and pause options are not there for the listeners. Internet radio is also distinct from file serving available on demand and also from podcasting, which is usually downloading from the Internet rather than streaming. So to say, Internet Radio is unique in styles and features from all other medium, whether traditional or usual through web world.


Like traditional formats and means, such services as news, sports, talk shows and genres of music are also available through the Internet Radio and sometimes, because of performance more suitable for active listening and unprecedented joy.  Many of the services offering Internet Radio are associated with corresponding radio station or system of networks, which is traditional or terrestrial.  However, since it involves extra and additional costs and there is burgeoning costs associated with establishment, there is substantial proliferation of independent Internet only radio stations.

Online music services usually offer millions of songs and thousands of artists for users to choose from. Network music players that support online music services let users access this vast selection of music tracks.

Station directory services keep a current list of active Internet radio stations, their URI and streaming formats and list them sorted by genre, location, language and other criteria. Many devices use either proprietary vendor-specific station list servers or dedicated directory services.

There is also no dearth of Internet radio devices which are also termed as network music player which are hardware devices, having capacity of receiving and playing streamed media either from Internet Radio stations or from a system of networks of terrestrial channels. The reach of Internet is in many parts of the world and this Internet Radio has also gone its reach beyond all boundaries. The expansion is enormous with around ten thousand channels of streaming music. Many FM and AM Channels are simultaneously broadcasting their contents over the Internet for wider reach.

There is also no dearth of Music services and stores which are online. The users have multiple options of services online from listening from millions of songs and along with the choice of artists, singers and musicians. The users are allowed to opt for listening to music and songs from their chosen artist. In Internet music players, station directory keeps track of active and current Internet radio stations, their web address and streaming formats and thereafter, can be sorted by genre, location, language and other criteria. Depending upon the quality, dedicated directory services are also offered by Internet Radio and Internet radio devices are also attuned to go for either for proprietary based vendor specific locations or dedicated directory.

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