Irresistible Reasons to Use a CNC Simulator before Working on a Real One

Irresistible Reasons to Use a CNC Simulator before Working on a Real One

The recent years have been witness to many technical advancements and discoveries that has made manufacturing an easy task. Gone are the days when people used to operate the large mechanical machines, like lathe machines manually. People now use machines and software that make manufacturing machines work automatically without human interference.

This is why CNC (Computer Numerical Control), a completely automated machine that performs manufacturing processes with the help of commands is growing in popularity. These machines have taken over the manufacturing industry and traditional machines, like millers, lathes, shaping machines, and others which require manual operations, are being replaced.

CNC machines work on programs that make the machine tools perform the complex tasks that are required of them. These machining programs can be complex and a simple programming error could cause a great problem in the manufacturing process. This is why industries take the help of simulators like, Bob Cad CNC software to identify potential errors and make sure they don’t happen in the real setting.


If you own CNC machines for your manufacturing needs and don’t want to encounter programming errors that can hamper your productions, you should definitely take the help of simulation software.

Here are some reasons why you should use simulations software for your shop or industry:

Simulators can help you in identifying potential errors

A simple programming error in the complex CNC machine can prove disastrous for the business, since it can completely damage the productivity of the machine. However, using simulator software can identify potential programming errors in an off-line setting even before the g-code is ever created and transferred over to the CNC machine.

This will help you in choosing the proper tool, fixture set-up and it’s more likely that you won’t encounter and programming errors.

Simulators act as a virtual CNC machine

Simulators are designed to provide users a realistic virtual machining process which includes every feature that a real CNC machine has. Working on the simulator can provide you real life experience of how to handle the CNC machine and can also teach the solutions for various problems. You can also learn about the machine configuration and its specifications through the simulators.

Simulators, like Bob Cad CNC software are designed to use the same kinematics as in the real CNC machines which will help you see your machine tool in action. This will also enable you to see the exactly how the finished part will look after the process is completed.

Simulators help you eliminate the guesswork

There are many instances during CNC processes where people tend to use programs completely based on guesses. This may sometimes lead to problems with the end product. But, with simulator you’ll be able to exactly know what to use and the guess work will be eliminated from your programs. This will enable you to work more confidently and efficiently.

CNC machine simulators are a boon for the CNC users or the operators, because they are very informative and provide real-time experience of how a CNC machine works. If you want to improve and optimize your CNC skills and minimize the errors then you must surely consider using a simulator before using the real CNC machine.

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