Is Parental Control Really Needed in Mobile Apps?

Is Parental Control Really Needed in Mobile Apps?

Like everything, social media has a good and a bad side. Which side is your child in?

Children these days are often subjected to online harassment. It isn’t just the online harassment that is worrisome, but also all the online predators who lurk on social media channels. Imagine leaving your kids vulnerable to such misconducts. That’s exactly what most people do. Most people give mobile phones and an internet access to their kids and they leave the kids on their own.

While a certain degree of privacy is appreciable, leaving the kids on their own isn’t. At such tender ages, they need supervision in order to prevent them from becoming victims of cyber crimes. A good way of supervising their activity is by using parental control. With parental control, you can protect your kids when they are online.

iOS app development companies have come up with a number of different formats for parental control. As a means of parental control, most apps allow you to block websites you wish your child to avoid visiting. Apart from that, they are easy to install and self-explanatory. Thus even if you aren’t adept at using computers, you’ll know how to set parental control up. These tools are easy to find and are almost always free.

But do you really need parental control in the apps that your kids use? Yes, you do. And here’s why:

Ensuring Safety

 The first and foremost concern for you should be your kid’s safety when (s)he is online. Cybercrime is abundant on the internet. So much that it is a multi billion dollar industry feeding on the poor cyber habits of the average internet user. Since children are always learning new things, they disclose a little too much of information compromising their safety as well as that of others around them.

Parental control would help you counter the safety issues by letting you keep a check on the people your child interacts with. It also helps you to keep your kid out of danger’s way by preventing them to be active on or even visit certain harmful websites.

Time Management

 Mobile apps are addictive, even for adults. While you could break free from this addiction relatively easily, the kids have a tough time in doing so. Besides the hours spent on mobile apps, bad posture, lack of sleep and physical activity and poor eyesight are some conditions popular with the kids.

Parental control would help you to avoid such problems. Apps aren’t bad, excessive use of those apps to the point of self-harm is. With parental control, you could set time-limits for your kids to use their favorite mobile apps. The time-limit would help you to designate time for your kids to indulge in healthy activities like playing outside or taking a walk.

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