Is Paying for Instagram Marketing Worth It for Your Business?

Is Paying for Instagram Marketing Worth It for Your Business?

Doubting whether Instagram marketing is a good investment? Here are some pointers to help clear things up.

Instagram belongs to one of the fastest-growing social networking sites. It’s a place where one can share their photos to the public or selected followers. For businesses, it’s the perfect platform to build brands and promote products since engagement rate on it is higher than other social media platforms. But is that enough reason to start investing in the platform?

Why You Should Consider Instagram

Instagram has more than 400 million active users on a monthly basis, something which entrepreneurs can use to their advantage. If you have tapped into the platform and gained a number of followers that could turn into potential clients, then sending individualized messages or e-mails will be irrelevant.

Your posts would be visible on your follower’s feed, and they could interact with your through commenting or giving your post a like.

With the right posts, you can turn casual followers into leads. If done regularly, you can establish your brand reputation in no time. The more followers you have, the better your reputation will be. The better your reputation is, the more people will follow you. It’s a cycle which has no end. You just have to know how to maximize your account. If you’re having trouble growing your followers, you can seek professional help from Vibbi.

The best part about it is that the platform is basically free to use. There’s no registration or monthly fee. Unless you pay for advertisements, you can promote your brand whichever way you like without spending a penny.

Advertising and Marketing on Instagram

If you’re launching your brand on Instagram without prior research, then the chance that your social media marketing will fail is high. Make sure that you have laid out a clear plan on how you will go about building your brand and promoting your product on the platform.

Instagram Marketing

For starters, you have to be able to take high-quality images and pair them with witty captions. Observe your posts and how much interaction you’re getting from them. Analysis of your previous posts will reveal whether you are doing the right thing or not.

Why Paying for Ads is Worth It

If regular posts are not giving you enough exposure, then you can pay to advertise your account and brand on Instagram. The platform will automatically read your niche and reach out to Instagram users whose interests are in line with your brand.

The platform is especially effective in reaching millennials. So if you’re selling gadgets or the latest fashion accessories, then Instagram could be your perfect partner.

If you’re a beginner and do not have a large number of followers yet, then you can pay for advertisement to gather them. You’ll notice that when you register on Instagram, they will ask you questions like your gender, age, interests, etc. They will use this data in matching ads to potential customers. For instance, if you’re offering backpacks, luggages, or cases and advertise them on the platform, Instagram will directly display it on the news feed of people near you who like to travel.


There are a lot of reasons you should register and use Instagram to promote your brand and almost none on why you should do otherwise. If you want a cheap and effective platform to help you grow prospects, then this social media site is one of your best options.


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