Is Technology Making Your Life Simple or Vice Versa?

Is Technology Making Your Life Simple or Vice Versa?

In the present time, technology is omnipresent and plays an important part in human life. However, though the major purpose of technology was to make human life easier, the opinions and reaction on technology are vivid. Often people debate about the influence of new technology in our day to day life. It is important to analyze the two contradicting perspectives in depth.

On one side, technology has helped mankind to reach out to people living in distant locations and send message. Social media has removed all barriers, whether geographical, hierarchical or social. You can now reach anyone, anywhere, at any point of time. It has created a permanent chain of communication.

Technology has given everyone the power to transmit knowledge and be the creator of that knowledge. You can now acquire knowledge about anything and everything and spread it. You have more stories to share with people through internet. You can share your own thoughts; tell sharable stories and a lot more. All in all, you can engage yourself in something you like and wish to do.


Right from the launch of kitchen appliances to internet, computers and smartphones everything is the genuine result of technology. Technology has not just narrowed down the gaps between people but also brought those things into action that was once a thought. The rise of smartphones, tablets and laptops has not just eased education, socializing, living and eating but also solved a number of problems.

Because of acceleration of technology, people have changed the way people consume and produce info. People now live 10 lives at once and perform multitasking like they couldn’t have thought. Would you have imagined robotic to clean up your mess while you’re busy chatting with your clients? Would you have thought that our dish washer would have washed all the dishes while you’re cooking? Technological advancement has lived up to the expectations of people making everyone’s life simpler. People are getting surrounded with technologies that are giving them more time for themselves- which is all what everyone wants.

The discovery of car helped people save time in comparison to walking. The invention of internet helped people learn, search and communicate readily with just one click. People now have time for everything and anything they want.  Technology is definitely aiding your life and making it simpler. It sorts out all the stress and challenges for the people. People have now learnt to react and interact accordingly. Technology will always satisfy your constant new needs. The more quality the technology, the better the result it will provide. However, whether it is business or personal life, the use of technology should be done in an apt way.

The haphazard use of technology in business or private life could lead you to debt. Technical debt is somewhat similar to credit card debt. You can approach debt consolidation agencies or check online for technical debt just like you check out for credit card consolidation loan. With the help of right program, you will definitely emerge out debt free in a short span of time.

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