Make your first money from dropshipping

Make your first money from dropshipping

You’re here because you want to make money from dropshipping. Or perhaps you are running a dropshipping business already and want to learn other tricks to increase your earnings – No matter what it is that brought you here, one thing is sure: you want to earn more money.

And we’re going to guide you on your path.

It’s easier these days, to make a living from the comfort of your home, doing what you love, with no boss on your case, or nosy colleagues poking into your affairs – it’s even doubly easier to make money from home with dropshipping.

So first things first – what are the things you need to start making some cash from drop shipping?

Ermm, please take note: we are assuming here you’re already familiar with what dropshipping is, but, if you don’t. Here is a quick run-down to bring you up to speed.

Dropshipping is an e-commerce model in which a store owner does not stock up on any product sold on their online store. Once they receive an order on their wesbite– they usually forward the details (this could be manually or automatic) to their drop-ship supplier (whom t have an existing agreement with) who handles the order fulfillment – they package and deliver the product to the customer.

Therefore, the store owner does not have to worry about stocking products. And this gives them ample time to focus on other important aspects of the business like customer acquisition and retention, marketing and general activities to grow the business – this is basically how a dropshipping business works.


To start your venture, you would need;

  • A website: This site will serve as your online store. Here you display all the products you want to sell. It is here you will receive orders to fulfill, and also all your marketing efforts would be directed at driving traffic to your online store.

To do this use Shopify, nowadays, Shopify has grown to become the e-commerce site builder of choice for most drop shipping business owners. It is easy to set up, has an array of gorgeous templates to choose from, and plenty apps to automate your business processes.

  • To choose your drop shipping suppliers: You need products to sell, and you need drop shipping wholesalers to take care of order fulfillment. These guys are you back-end guys; they handle all order delivery requirements while you, in turn, sell their products in your store.

So it is crucial you do your due diligence before signing up with any supplier – they can make or break your dropshipping business.

  • To design and implement a marketing plan: you now have a beautifully designed website, you’ve signed up with fantastic suppliers, but if you don’t have a marketing plan in place – you’re not going to succeed with your venture.

How do you bring these all together to make your first sale?

It’s simple, start executing your marketing plan by:

  • Selling on multiple channels: this strategy allows you to reach more people with your products. It involves getting onboard different online platform to drive traffic to your website; using social media to create buzz and followership for your brand; using other e-commerce platforms like eBay, Etsy to grab your customer’s attention and to direct them to your store; etc.
  • Run direct-response ads: whether it is using Facebook ads or Google Adwords, it’s important to get the first sell, and you can achieve this quickly by running well-targeted ads on both Facebook and Google.

Test and tweak your ads till you figure out what works for you, then iterate over and over again.

  • Deliver world-class customer service: To have return businesses from your buyers, it is important always to go far and above to satisfy your clients. Be there for them 24/7 – or at least most of the time, answer their queries promptly and precisely. The bottom-line is: focus on your customers and try to keep them happy.

Finally, implementing these tips will ensure you make your first sale, and ultimately position your business for the long-term success.

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