Mitsubishi Hand Dryers: Superior Design and Performance

Mitsubishi Hand Dryers: Superior Design and Performance

If you were asked to name one of the most welcome inventions of the last few decades, would you come up with the hand dryer? These devices are found in many public restrooms, break rooms, and other locations. Many people feel this useful device has made hand-drying much more efficient and sanitary, not to mention that it saves a lot of paper and helps keep restrooms and break rooms free of clutter.

Some of the early dryers had a chute or tube that released hot air, which would dry the user’s hands. A few manufacturers continued their research and development, constantly searching for ways to make this basic idea even more efficient.

Leading Edge Technology

While most people would say “cars” when asked about the Mitsubishi company’s products, the truth is that this corporation is responsible for a number of other products as well.These innovations include some of the most effective hand dryers available. The Jet Towel line offers two models: Slim, which is designed to have the hands placed under the dryer unit, and Smart, which is designed to have the hands placed in the unit.


Among hand dryers, the “blade” idea has become widely recognised as a very good way to dry hands quickly. It is not widely known that Mitsubishi came up with the ‘blade’ of air concept before Dyson, another equipment manufacturer. Following a strict set of performance standards and employing complex technical specifications, the company has produced dryers that rival all others in terms of performance.

Air is powered through a line of wave-shaped slots, releasing the air on both sides of the hands. The action serves to wipe water off rather than causing it to evaporate. In fact, this technology works very well even if the air is not heated. When the water is removed, it is directed into a drip tray at the bottom of the dryer unit. This anti-bacterial reservoir can be emptied as a regular part of washroom cleaning and maintenance.

Looks Good Too

Mitsubishi has also focused on exterior design and appearance in the production of their Jet Towel hand dryers, making them a great aesthetic choice for your washroom. In fact, Mitsubishihas invested more than two decades of experience into their dryer designs and continue to manufacture their own products. One of the key benefits of the Jet Towel models has more to do with your ears than your hands. They are extremely quiet during operation but do not sacrifice power to reduce the noise level.

Even with all of these benefits, the Mitsubishi Jet Towel dryer is very compact, making it an outstanding addition to smaller washrooms. Add the choice of colours: white, dark grey, and silver, and this hand dryer delivers first-class benefits in every category.

If it is time to install or replace dryers in your company’s washrooms or in your own washroom, get in touch with a reliable online supplier and have the equipment delivered quickly. Choose the Jet Towel hand dryer. You will be glad you did.


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