Mungi- The New Entrant in the Broadband Market in Australia

Mungi- The New Entrant in the Broadband Market in Australia

Mungi is a Melbourne based company that is a relatively new entrant in the broadband market in Australia. The company was set up by a group of internet consumers to offer better quality services to the consumers. The name Mungi means Lightening, according to the company. This shows the company’s focus on offering fast speed internet.

Here we will review the services of Mungi and find out whether it really delivers on its promise of ‘lightning’ fast internet speed. You will be able to make an informed decision after reading the info about Mungi’s broadband services.

Mungi Broadband Services: An Overview

Mungi offers different internet packages. One of the best things about the services of the broadband service provider is that they offer exceptional value with great discounts on the hardware. You will have the freedom to switch providers whenever you want.  You won’t be bound by restrictive contracts that prevent you from switching in case the service level is not up to par.

Another great thing about Mungi is that the company does not charge any late fees, relocation fees, or setup fees. So, you won’t be crippled by costs when you select the internet service provider. You can de-activate the connection anytime without any problems.

info about Mungi's broadband services

The company also provide a lifetime guarantee on Modems. You can select different options based on your preferences. The typical speed of the basic internet package is around 10 Mbps during the evening hours. For the premium package, the average speed is about 50 Mbps during the peak hours.

Let’s take a close look at each of the four internet packages offered by Mungi.

Lightning 12

The Lightning 12 plan is great for households who have low internet usage. The typical speed at peak time (7 pm to 11 pm) is only 10 Mbps. Price of the package is $54.95 per month. The lightning-fast package also features unlimited data, dynamic IP address, and lifetime warranty for themodem.

Lightning 25

Lightning 25 package is perfect for families with medium internet usage. They are great if two or more individuals simultaneously use the net. The average speed during the peak time is 20 Mbps. Cost of the package is $59.95 per month. There are no plan charges fees, contracts, installation or disconnection fees. The package also includes unlimited data and lifetime modem warranty.

Lightning 50

Lightning 50 is ideal for households that consume alarge amount of data. The typical speed during the peak time is 35 Mbps. Cost of the internet package is around $64.95 per month. All the other features of this package are similar to the Lightning 25 package.

Lightning 100

The lightening 100 package is similar to the lightening 50 package with the exception of the speed. The typical peak time speed is 50 Mbps. Cost of the package is $69.95. This is the ideal package for HD video watchers, social media buffs, and hardcore gamers.

Mungi internet provider may be the new kid on the broadband block, but the company has quickly solidified its position as one of the internet stalwarts in Australia. You will find that the packages offered by the company offer great value for money.


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