Must-Use Apps to Avail In Order To Stay Updated About Weather Turn-Around

Must-Use Apps to Avail In Order To Stay Updated About Weather Turn-Around

In this technologically advanced world, you no longer need to switch on your TV and radio to get the weather updates in and around your state; rather this advantage has been brought itself by the mobile computing devices, using which you can gain weather details anywhere and at any time.

When we have so many apps installed in our devices, why not get some that will keep you updated about the weather turn-around of the place and thus, here is a list of apps that will notify you of the weather circumstances in and around the state. The weather app features weather reports in the most precise way so that you can plan your outing accordingly.

  1. WeatherBug
    The best free weather app that has been powered by the largest network of professional weather stations around the world. It provides the fastest weather alerts, real-time weather conditions along with an accurately hourly forecast. It features Doppler radar animation to keep you updated regarding the precipitation information of the county. You can customize your weather according to your requirement so that it may fit for your personal necessities.1
  2. Dark Sky
    It is a flattened and most importantly an elegant weather app that will notify you when the inclement weather seems to head your way. It will also provide you information when it shall end so that you can continue making your plans around the weather. It collects data from the network of one hundred and forty radar stations spread across the U.S to forecast the hyper-local weather.
  3. Arcus WeatherThis is a popular app available on the Google Play store and it lets you view the current conditions of the weather, a radar map as well as the daily forecasts of the weather. It also notifies the temperature and precipitation across the mid-west land by using a series of detailed plots made on the graphs.
  4. Weather TimelineIt is visually appealing and is good enough to present a series of cards, wherein each one of them represents information related to the current weather conditions across the county, upcoming precipitation around the state and other details.
  5. ForecasterIt is a bare-bones weather app that offers a low design. However, it displays the upcoming weather circumstances in simple colour coded lines. It lacks the availability of push alerts or any such kind of fancy radar displays. It works well for people who love simplicity over anything that appears gorgeous.
  6. Weather Underground
    It is an interactive weather app that is available for free of cost in the Google Play store. It offers crowd-sourced reports that are mostly accessed to verify weather report. You can trust the data available on this app since it is known for providing the most accurate information so far.
  7. Rain AwareIt works somewhat similar to that of Dark Sky and is seen to be more focused on presenting the hyper-local and “now casting” weather reports, commonly known as short term forecasting. This app pulls out data from satellites, radars and surface stations to predict the range of precipitation or local storms in and around the county.
  8. RadarScope
    It presents the highest level of radar detail that could be accessed for mobile computing. It is somewhat over killed if you are just looking for a kind of simple weather app that would predict only if it would be raining in the next hour. This application is used by private pilots while they navigate through the storms.
  9. Live Weather
    This is one of the most popular free weather apps that have been powered by professionals. The app best real-time forecasts and alerts to the users. It comes with weather widgets that bring weather info, weather forecast, detailed current conditions mentioned precisely in its notification segment.
  10. Weather & Radar

    No matter where you are located, you can use this app to take your steps ahead. It presents the rainfall radar and satellite maps around the world. The app provides forecasts for any location, along with real-time radar and weather. You can fetch all the weather reports directly in your status bar so that you can read them at a glance.

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