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Nanoplus is one of the leading companies committed to designing and produces distributed feedback lasers in different wavelength range that also differs from 760 nm to 14000 nm.  In addition to this, they also offer laser diodes with the range of 60 nm – 3000 nm, quantum cascade lasers with 6000 nm to 14000 nm, interband cascade lasers with 3000 nm to 6000 nm. However, these high-quality lasers are highly utilized for high-precision measurements in research as well as industry.

Most importantly, the applications also include industrial process optimization, environment, oil & gas, automotive, health, defence, safety, research, and space etc. In general, nanoplus offer quality lasers for different industrial applications. With more than fifteen years of experience, they always offer the best range of lasers for gas sensing industries.  Of course, this company offers best possible solutions to meet all the customer needs. The unique ranges of laser solutions are also tailored to meet different specific requirements in different industries.

 In general, nanoplus lasers operate reliably across the world including metallurgical, chemical industries and it plays important role in satellite applications. Since nanoplus has been the technology leader and trusted company for lasers in gas sensing. This company committed to producing lasers at large scale at their own fabrication sites in Meiningen and Gerbrunn. On the other hand, nanoplus also cooperates with the leading system integrators in the TDLAS.

Still, now, this company becomes popular and gained an ultimate reputation or 20,000 installations worldwide even it proves the complete reliability of nanoplus lasers. Moreover, nanoplus uses a most advanced as well as unique patented technology for advanced DFB laser manufacturing that plays important role in different industries. In addition to this applying, a lateral metal is to grant along the ridge waveguide so it can be utilized for different applications. In general, DFB lasers can be designed to operate in a single mode as well as it has the ability to work even at high output powers.  Even the practical implementation of DFB cavities is also facilitated by bending the laser waveguide through the uniform grating.

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Different Types of services

In general, nano plus offers R&D solutions perfectly fits for specific application that includes

  • Customized laser development
  • OEM module development
  • Lithography & nanostructures
  • Analysis of material properties
  • Semiconductor processing
  • Complex multilayer coating etc

Key Features Of Technology Development

 Nanoplus always offer customized solutions to the customers so you can easily take the advantages of

  • Reduced time to market
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Experienced optical designers

 The experts can design any sub-system so you can easily choose the best laser solutions to meet your application needs. In addition to this, many solutions are already available.

With the different options, you can easily find the best solution to cover your specific application need and requirements. With the help of this site you can easily understand exact applications and uses of feedback lasers in different wavelength.

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