The full form of VoIP is Voice Over Protocol. Do you have idea about the IP? Still than most of them don’t have much idea it. The IP address or IP means internet protocol, which traces the location of the user’s computer, or laptop, which means that it is the IP address of the respective computer or laptop. Which is very useful in the hacking process, in the criminal cases during investigation process? And when it comes the VoIP, its translates the address into a voice message. The main feature of this Voiptoners  is the sound. Now a days, as technologies are developing day to day life, if we see in the case, than in the phones which use it on daily basis, transmit sound and our voice in the form of voice message and calls. The day to day many new apps are been developed which provide these feature in free.


All the apps use, this VoIP technology for doing calls using the internet. A collection of technologies and methodologies that delivers multimedia messages and voice messages or voice communication with the help of an or over an IP network or address, that is VoIP. When it comes to how does actually it works? Then there is slightly little in transmission of signals from the traditional digital telephone technology to the new the developed technology phones or mobiles. Now everything is transmitted by a special media delivery protocols,  which encode audio by audio codec and video by video codec. Single voice and data networks are used by the enterprise, which helps in transmitting the voice messages through broadband and private networks. Codec is used as the communication stream based on the requirements of application and bandwidth of the network, and sometimes compressed speech and narrow bands are used, and most the times VoIP uses International Telecommunication Union (ITU) standard high fidelity stereo codec such as G.722, iLBC, G.711 etc. the voice quality will obviously differ with the use of compression of voices but on the other hand it decreases the bandwidth as well; compression is perfect for sending non-voice messages such as faxes via ITU T.38.

When it comes the VoIP services, some of the VoIP services only allowed to call within their service, but in case of the other VoIP services it is fully allowed to call on the local numbers, international numbers, long distance numbers and mobile numbers. There are some VoIP services which will work only on the desktops, computers or laptops and for mobiles there are special types of VoIP services and for old traditional telephones there are specially attached to an separate VoIP services. Till now, only three types of VoIP services are been provided to us. They are: first generation VoIP service, second generation VoIP service and last one is third Generation VoIP service. The first generation VoIP service is useful and provided for the old traditional digital telephones which offer technical service. The second generation Voiptoners service is usually provided within a closed network for private use and it provide the advantage of free call to any network with no money charge through apps like face book call, Skype, whatsapp call. And the last third generation VoIP service is the most advanced network, in which the user can call to any service or network or anyone through internet. This is quite different from the first two services.

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