ORM Career Takeaways That Haven’t Been So Obvious

ORM Career Takeaways That Haven’t Been So Obvious

Among the many lessons that Herman Tumurcuoglu has taken away from his successful career in online reputation management, some are being overlooked in his recent article published on Marketing Profs. In the article, the online reputation management expert discusses the necessity of ethics, understanding client’s values, and matching a service’s practices with a client’s desires. Later on in the article, he begins discussing the actual work behind online reputation management rather than the related politics.

Tumurcuoglu’s fourth take away from his career is that suppression timelines must be realistic. Most online reputation management companies that are not a part of the top 20 most recognized, reliable, or credible will not give realistic timelines to their clients. Suppressing negative information online like search engine results takes time for it to look natural. Search engine results get placed over time. As Google’s search engine (Bing and Yahoo) gets more sophisticated, individuals are not as accepting that work take time for it to appear natural. Otherwise, search engines can detect online reputation management work, SEO work, and links. Slowly is the best policy.


The fifth takeaway Tumurcuoglu discusses in his article is about investing in good content. Whether you are doing onsite or offsite SEO, it is important that the content you post is unique. Time and time again, ORM experts know the rule but break it. In the same way, the quality of the content is also important. Search engines are beginning to filter out articles, links, and content that seem generic and cannot offer any insightful information to readers. How scary is that? Robots and technology can now filter out what should be considered of importance to humans.

Lastly, it is important that ORM managers understand the incremental return of their work and contracts. It is essential that clients and ORM managers understand that past the 2nd page of Google or other search engines, the click-through-rate on results is significantly lower.Demonstrated in the chart above, it only matters what’s on the first page. However, the majority of an online reputation management agency’s work will be on that first page. Ideally, ORM experts should be in control of all results on the first and second page by the end of a mandate. They can positively say that can hand over many positive assets that are ranking to their clients once a contact has ended.

For more insightful information about online reputation management and how Herman Tumurcuoglu was so successful, contact him using the link provided above. As a pioneer of the web search industry, he understands the best suited ORM solutions for nearly all online reputation cases.

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