Perk up your virtual vision with a smartphone screen more panoramic than reality

Perk up your virtual vision with a smartphone screen more panoramic than reality

The ever-changing world combined with advancing technology, many times lands us in a dilemma. While providing us with a range of software assets, smartphones also offer a myriad of hardware features to choose from. Within a decade or so, there has been a gradual inclination towards smartphones with a large display.

In this flourishing industry of smartphones, people are free to choose the variant which catches their fancy. However, this recent trend of phones with large display is not purely driven by size, oodles of features come up with these large screen phones to enrich one’s smartphone experience.

Faster Typing Flow

Chatting via social media has been in since the development of pcs and laptop. However, taking them everywhere is near to impossible. With the development of smartphones a range of these chatting platforms, can be accessed in a much handier and simpler fashion. While typing on smartphones with smaller screens is fair to middling, a large screen chatting is even better than pcs. A large screen not only ensures a speedy typing flow but also reduces errors.

Easy Online Reading

Piling up hordes of books is nowhere a great idea in this technologically advanced world. Smartphones nowadays offer a number of facilities including e-books. Reading on a small screen might blight the reading delight of a book fanatic, however, with a large screen, one can procure a reading experience even better than the hard copy. Apart from an enlarged and enhanced view, users can store thousands of books and that too in a single micro space.

Virtual gaming that feels so real

The emergence of video games was not only fantasizing for little ones, but also for all gaming addicts. To enjoy a larger life-like gaming session, video games were played by connecting them to TVs. However, smartphones these days offer much better alternatives to video games played on TV, both graphically and visually. With its large screen and better graphical display, a large smartphone screen gets you engulfed in the virtual land of games in a more easy and handy fashion.

An infinite boon for the binge-watchers

Apart from offering a superlative gaming exposure, Smartphones are the future of movies and series. Busy schedules that we follow, don’t allow us to sit down in front of the TVs and catch up on our favourite shows. However, with smartphones, one can easily catch up on all the movies and shows, whenever and wherever. With a large screen phone, this experience gets even more enhanced as the larger pixels of the smartphone make every scene more lively and crisp.

Speed up the multi-tasker in you

While we all are bounded by stringent schedules and deadlines, we still have no clue what might pop up on the priority list the next minute. Multitasking generation, as we are, can’t survive with the indispensable gadgets- smartphones. Hence, a lot of users go for a phone with a larger display as it makes the whole process of multitasking much smoother and tenacious.

Long-lasting battery life

A long-standing battery is one of the most desired features in a smartphone. The unpredictability of circumstances, call for a phone that is almost always ready to keep up with the user. Phones with a larger size usually come up with a larger battery, hence, going for a bigger smartphone serves a much better purpose of long life than smaller size phones.

All these features mentioned above make it evident why are larger phones the new trend. Apart from all these above features, they are versatile and just best at everything, perfectly fitting into the desired qualities of an ideal smartphone. Be it editing documents, mixing music, editing or creating videos, taking pictures, editing pictures, browsing the web or any other avocation that can be carried out by means smartphones.

As technology is progressing at a faster pace, it is important to identify and crack a pocket-friendly yet the smart deal. A number of brands have come a long way, while slowly and gradually evolving them, however, Panasonic India, has constantly remained a credible source for technology. Its recent launch of Panasonic Eluga Ray 550, brings forth a revolutionary gadget with a larger than life screen. Other noticeable brands include Oppo, Samsung, and Lenovo which are tough competitors but are a bit high on the price range.

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