Planning to go for PoE IP camera system? Things you should know

Planning to go for PoE IP camera system? Things you should know

With the development in network video surveillance, it becomes important for the manufacturers to come up with better products and offer unbeatable technical support. When it comes to installers and integrators, they is always some confusion regarding POE IP camera systems. They are:

What is actually PoE?

The full form of PoE is Power over Ethernet. This simply means that the power supply and data-both are transmitted through single connection to the different devices on the network. This has been achieved with bringing any changes on the Cat5. Transmitting data and power through the same cable greatly reduces the need of more cables and thus reduces the maintenance costs. Here on the system you will find a device to provide power and a network of devices to use that power like cameras.

Is PoE a reliable option?

PoE camera devices have been used for a long time but now they have improved greatly. The PoE cameras and the Cat5 cables come in poor quality and the fluctuating market comes with cost pressures. This has lead to PoE camera systems that need frequent maintenance. They need continuous supply of power and data transmission takes place in large quantities. So you need to be sure when you choose a PoE camera system to be reliable.

What are the benefits of PoE?

POE IP camera systems. 1

  • Less cabling, less installation costs

There is a centralized power providing unit on the PoE network. So there is no need of any specific power supply, which reduces the installation costs greatly.

  • Convenient

PoE cameras are powered using power sourcing equipment. These devices only provide power to the devices which are PoE-enabled. So in case there are no such devices on the network, then no power will be supplied. This means you can easily have PoE enabled as well the non-PoE devices on the same network.

  • Easy maintenance

The best thing about PoE is that you can easily manage the system using SNMP. This will take care of resetting the cameras or shutting it down when needed.

Possible issues of PoE IP camera system?

In case there is no sufficient power on the network, the cameras will not be able to boot. For normal cameras maximum output power is below 15.4W. So in case the power is less than that, then the devices will not work on the network.

Here all the devices on the network are connected to  PoE network switch. So in case the switch encounters any issue then the cameras connected on the network will suffer issues.

Considering stability and security of the camera devices on the PoE network, the devices need to go through high maintenance costs. It is best if there is a separate power supply to power the devices.

How to choose right PoE switch?

The PoE switch depends on the amount of power that passes through it. So the number of devices on the network will help you decide and choose the right PoE switch for your PoE network.

What is the range of PoE transmission?

Mostly, PoE can be transmitted in the range of 100 meters. When choosing the Cat5 cables ensure you have quality one that meets the standards. The low grade cables are made using materials like copper clad which can cause damage to the system.

So next time when you plan to choose security cameras for your home or business, opt for PoE IP cameras. Keeping these things in mind will ensure you make the right choices. Right PoE camera will be budget-friendly as well as safe for you.

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