Retro Gaming Consoles worth Checking Out

Retro Gaming Consoles worth Checking Out

Are you like a gaming fanatic and have you ever wondered which the best retro gaming consoles are? If yes, this article is a must read for you. We explore some of the best ever yesteryear gaming consoles which every gamer should check out. Old and retro gaming consoles are quite different from the new generation ones. Most people think that gaming is a forward moving medium. It is usually all about the next version upgrade or how the new console will look like and the UI/UX of the games is going to be. Except, it isn’t really how it is at all! The big names in the gaming industry are always mining the past for ideas, merging old out dated genres to create new ones or basically just recreating the aesthetics of past generations.

For those gamers who would want to check out old gaming consoles, here are six classics we thought would be the best way to move forward. You can easily buy these off of E-Bay or at car boot sales that will not cost too much on your pockets. They all have very big libraries for gaming and also, the games are also easily available and not that expensive.

Commodore Amiga, 1985

Perhaps one of the few gaming consoles which is not a gaming console per se. It is more like a home computer, but if you owned an Amiga in the late 80’s or early nineties, this is one of the best gaming machines on planet Earth. You can easily get an Amiga on E-Bay for anywhere from $40 to $ 50, but make sure you look for people selling it with bundles of games as well.


Sega Mega Drive, 1988

As the first major 16 – bit console, the Mega Drive was a massive success in the US and Europe, thanks to its combination of fantastic arcade conversions and authentic (for the time) sports simulations. There are two basic versions of the Mega Drive and you can get it on E-Bay for about $30 plus depending on the condition and number of games bundled with it.

Super Nintendo Entertainment System, 1990

Some gamers call the Nintendo gaming system the best of all time, and it is difficult to argue. It was technically superior to the mega drive which came out in 1988 and it has a better software catalogue as well. A basic unit of Nintendo Entertainment System should cost you around $30 off E-Bay. However, the pal machines can get discolored but the machine itself is sturdy.

Sony PlayStation, 1994

It was tough to decide between Sony’s original 32 bit console and its spectacularly successful successor, but with its greater retro appeal, we will have to incline toward the former. There were so many iterations to the PlayStation 1 and you should do a detailed research before buying, even if that means going through the Wikipedia entry. As for pricing, you can probably get it inside $20 on E-Bay, and most often than not, it will include bundles of games as well. Don’t forget to get memory cards to save your games as well.

Nintendo Game Cube, 2001

Another Nintento machine, but this one takes us to the periphery of the modern era of gaming. It was pitted against PlayStation 2 and the first Xbox. Even though it was thought of as a failure, it still managed to sell 22 million units worldwide. You can get a standard blue or black machine for about $50 but you may have to pay more for the platinum edition.

Sega Dreamcast, 1999

The last one of the list, but still a major player in the best retro gaming consoles. This machine is what took on the mighty PlayStation and failed. It was the first entrant in the 128bit generation, the first to include a built – in modem for online multiplayer action, and the first to include a personal screen in its controller. You can probably get it inside $50 on E-Bay. But you have to be extra careful with the knobs as it is quite flimsy.

So, this is what we at The Old School Game Vault think is the best ever retro gaming consoles worth checking out if you are serious gamer. Tell us what you think!

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